Diving into Scourge for the first time will require you to have a good build to be successful.

The Scourge has finally reached Path of Exile. If you’re a new player still learning about PoE currency and such, or if you’re a veteran of the game and want a new build to try out for the new league, then we have some great suggestions from you to use.

Toxic Rain

This is a popular build amongst the fanbase who opt for the Ranger approach. The method of this build is to fire arrows into the sky for them to rain down on your foes. That said, melee is a good option to choose as you are levelling this build, along with the use of Splitting Steel. Those that do want to take the melee path should go with Champion, before switching to the use of the Ballista Totem gem once you’ve reached level 30 or above.

By following this technique, you will be able to keep using your attack with the bow whilst introducing a totem that will mimic the main attack of your character. This is going to be a real difference maker when you get to taking down bosses. The additional damage per second that comes with it will help you to wipe out bosses and mobs alike.

Every build has its drawbacks, and the recovery of this build is where it falls short. To ensure that you have the best possible survivability, make sure that you are getting powerful flasks to keep you in the fight. There’s a chance that you’re going to have to pick your battles and flee at some point too. With that in mind, gems that will improve how you move are going to be very handy.

Arc Templar

Totems play a massive role in the effectiveness of your build. You’ll want to part with an Exalted Orb or two if you’re going to make the most of your character, but totems in particular can be a highlight of your build. In this instance, the arc totems are a brilliant choice if you are starting out for the first time.

The main focus of totems is to use the skills that you have active, bringing a variety to your method of attack. If you are playing as a Templar, then you can make full use of the arc totem. You’ll also find that a lot of players that are starting out will use this build.

Playing as the Arc Templar will mean that you will need to get to the Hierophant Ascendency. The reason for this is that it will not only help with the usage of your totems, but it will also improve your mana and overall arcane damage. You can add another totem as well with the Pursuit of Faith trait, which also adds to your placement speed and how long the totem will last for. To increase your damage even further meanwhile you’ll need the trait known as Cruel Labyrinth. You can boost your recovery with Cruel Labyrinth as well, which will do your mana and health a lot of good.

If you’re worried about you PoE currency and don’t want to part with your Exalted Orb or other forms of payment, then fear not. The Arc Templar is actually a lot cheaper than you might think. It might raise concerns given that you have heard how popular and effective it is. The reality is that not only is it pretty cheap to get started, the gear that you need for it is simple enough for you to obtain.

Moving on, and there’s gems that we need for this build. Specifically, we’re looking for Elemental Focus with Added lightning damage. With extra lightning penetration as part of your setup, you’ll be getting the very best out of the damage that the arc totem is capable of.

Other skills are going to be important too here. Mobility is a key factor of the gameplay in general, so make sure you have Dash within your boots to get you around. Two other vital additions are Summon Lightning Golem and Assassins Mark. These are both going to play a huge role when you get to the point of facing bosses and tougher monsters.

What’s great about these two builds is that they won’t be too impacting on your PoE currency, which is also a bonus. The latter in particular is very friendly for those who are just finding their way in Path of Exile for the first time. There’s little doubt about how essential it is to have a good build, and these are good choices to get you started in Scourge.

Have you tried these Scourge builds in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!