Prepare to cast off the shackles of a single universe by joining 3,000 brave pioneers in a quest to understand the nature of a mysterious portal. Amusingly reminiscent of every Ark-based science fiction novel about colonizing a new world this is the beginning of the story for the upcoming game: AlterVerse.

The AlterVerse is a universe beyond ours, filled with numerous planets, social hubs, adventure and risk. The game is under development by the Alpha Entertainment Group LLC and features a 3D persistent universe designed to bring people together in a community that is both competitive and cooperative.

The game AlterVerse is still in development, but there’s a website with media, information, and a bit of a guide as to what to expect. So we at GameOgre will try to provide a concise preview of what gamers can expect to see more on in the future.

Aside from a 3D universe the game will be designed to be compatible with the Oculus Rift—a 3D goggle set that allows for immersive virtual reality by OculusVR.

The game features physics capabilities with destructible environments, leaving room for physics objects that can be kicked around or blown up. Players will engage in mediaeval style combat with melee weapons, hand-to-hand combat, grenades, and even ranged weaponry from flintlocks to laser guns. Of course, no game is complete without magic—so spell slinging is listed as a feature as well.

Players will not be without things to do in the AlterVerse and a list of potential professions includes fishing and hunting.

Seen in one of the videos, the game will also support mounts so that players can get around.

Also in one of the videos, the game appears to allow players to construct and build their own domiciles. Although not listed amid the apparent features, it would seem that player housing may be a thing in AlterVerse–which would make sense, after all player housing is all the rage right now across the MMO industry.


One of the more curious things about the in-game universe of AlterVerse is the TAP-Link device. Which, from the videos, appears to be an in-game smartphone with multiple apps installed. Not only is this in-game device designed to allow players to chat via IMs (like any good smartphone) but it also has a feature most modern iPhones don’t have: teleportation.

The TAP-Link is capable of enabling players to teleport from place to place.

The developers also appear to have a mobile app in the works designed to look like the TAP-Link device (without the teleportation, of course) that will likely allow players to engage with friends in game, see leaderboards, and otherwise tell what’s going on when they’re away from the Verse.


Right now, AlterVerse is still working on a Kickstarter to help raise funds to complete development of the problem.

Many developers have sought crowdfunding as part of their reach for the stars, and for the most part attempting to get that requires mass marketing campaigns, flair, and promises. If you’re interested what AlterVerse already has to offer (see their website) then be sure to sign up and follow their Kickstarter when it finally arrives.

The Kickstarter campaign will also likely lead to a lot more screenshots, media, and hype giving readers a better idea of what they can expect.



  1. Wow … what a cool game. Better version of Minecraft with much more solutions.
    Building, fighting, training creating guild and fight each other. Nice one … like it much!

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  2. Very interesting and cool game, graphic isn’t bad and this is my favourite game on this blog 🙂

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