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This is the second match of GameOgre.com’s MMO Showdown 9.  This annual tournament determines the best MMORPG out of 16 games. The winner will be named MMORPG of the Year. GameOgre.com also has a Prediction Contest for forum members each year for a $10 Game Card or $10 of Riot Points.

DC Universe


Marvel Heroes

There have been previous Super Hero matches (City of Heroes vs. Champions Online) in the Showdown. but none have been as fitting as Marvel vs. DC. These two heavyweights have the most and most known super heroes of any two companies in the world. These two titans also happen to have great MMOs to show off all of their heroes and villains.  Which will prevail? That is up to your votes!


  1. I like Marvel Heroes more. I am a big fan from Marver comics and movies so thats the reason why I vote for it 🙂

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  2. Marvel is better if you were a fan for a while it will give you memories more than a game.Howewer if you look at the iI think the developers of DC gave it more effort.

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  3. Marvel Heroes are famous when it comes to Arcade Games and ideal for the movies in making it reality so I vote for it.

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