will be hosting a livestream for Outspark’s Dark Blood Online tomorrow Friday at 3pm PT/6pm ET on Be sure to join us and tune in because there will be surprises!

All the information you need is below.

Check back here during the Livestream (I will remind you) for information on how to receive GameOgre giveaway codes related to cool stuff in Dark Blood.

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Dark Blood, the thrilling new free-to-play hardcore action RPG arcade brawler published by Outspark for North America and Europe, launched open beta today with an exciting new trailer showcasing its rapid-fire combat, playable bosses and jaw-dropping customizations.  Fighting fans will enjoy a true arcade experience with Joystick controls and gamepad support.  There will also be frequent content updates including a level cap raise and premium items debuting on Thursday, July 26.

Dark Blood, no doubt, will reign as the free-to-play fighting game for those seeking a pure adrenaline rush. Fans enjoyed closed beta so much that all throughout they were posting incredibly entertaining gameplay videos. We’re really looking forward to working with the Dark Blood community to see where their talents take the game experience,” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “Many thanks to developer JCR Soft and licensor GameHi for helping us bring Dark Blood to the West.”

The Dark Blood Streamathon kicks off on TwitchTV today at Noon PT where players will be able to WATCH * PLAY * WIN supercool items including exclusive power packs and valuable customization codes.  Chat along with the Dark Blood team as they reveal special features, coach gameplay and battle it out with celebrity hosts Pico Mause of Curse and RipperX of MMORPG, following which, Kyt Dotson of GameOgre will lead a community playdate.  Dark Blood fans are invited to stream along for random rewards.  Programming details are here.

PLAY DARK BLOOD FOR FREE at The Dark Blood website offers a wealth of gameplay information including the brand new Dark Blood Skill Guides revealed today.  Check out the calendar for details on exciting launch events including Race To The Top and Fight Nights where players can win epic loot and untold fame.