Making a successful eSports prediction requires the study of the team’s players, strategies, and performance over a period of time. Of course, a wise gamer will diversify, but you want to focus on top-tier teams that keep their A game throughout the season. Here’s the list of teams you should look out for in 2018:

Team Liquid

The team has made notable progress since it joined the professional online gaming industry. Being a runner-up in a Major and having two impressive Minor victories that set it apart from the rest of the pack, Team Liquid will not let you down.

In fact, the team leaves Team Secret by a margin of 1400 points in the previous 2017/2018 season. Team Liquid is known to have the highest IQ in the world and uses high-level strategies and late-game decisions to beat their opponents.

The Dota 2 roster clinched the first position in the world before releasing the PUBG roster. As such, fans have a high expectation from the PUBG roster especially after Team Liquid’s performance at the Gamescom Invitational. While the team did not rank among the top three in the competition, it showed great mastery of skill throughout the game. The PUGB roster comprises four players known to possess previous CS: GO experience.


The team remains with two of its best players, Chappie and SolidFPS9, after NiP recruited three of Cloud9’s leading players. These two players ranked first in the Duo FPP tournament, which is known to be extremely challenging.

Sweaterr and Borg, who also play for Cloud9, have finished second in a similar Duo TTP competition. As such, if PUBG was to take on this team, it is sure to make a pretty competitive game for other teams.

Vici Gaming

With most teams trying to find their footing in the online gaming industry, Vici Gaming is one team that has shown great consistency throughout the 2017/8 season.

The team took the second position in the Perfect World Masters and the AMD Dota Pit League competitions.

If its recent performance against Team Secret is anything to go by, this year, Vici Gaming prepares to take the first position in the upcoming tournaments. Banking on this team on will give you a run for your money.

Ghost Gaming

It ranks among the most competitive underdogs in the eSports industry. Ghost gaming has a dedicated roster of the major video games like Call of Duty, Rocket League and CS: GO.

Recently, the team announced its decision to join PUBG. The team also aired its PUBG roster that featured the newest players, including those who held the first position in the North America ladder. Ghost gaming made this decision after much coaxing by its fans. This new roster has had a few opportunities to use its skills to make a few wins, but fans are yet to see this team’s full potential.

This brief overview should help you select the team you want to bet on in subsequent competitions. Remember to look at the team’s performance in the last season and its roster for upcoming tournaments. You also want to determine whether famed eSports brands like PUBG are eyeing the team – it means the team’s performance is remarkable.

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