Here is the second interview with the beautiful Raven from Kingdom of Raven about her music and love of the fantasy genre.

*1. What have you been up to since last we spoke?*

Since we last met I’ve been working on new material very intensively. I am working towards an EP to be released early next year and in the meantime 4 songs have been produced and recorded and are now in the final mastering phase. I am still working on two other songs for this EP that I also plan
to finish soon.

*2. Have you made any more videos?*

After the release of Fire Breathing Dragon I have mainly been working on the new songs and the concept for the upcoming EP. Now that a batch of songs is done, I can start on the video in the very near future. First I just want to make sure that the songs themselves are as good as they can be.

I have a lot of ideas for very cool videos in my head, so now I will have to pick the best song and match it to the best idea and start planning the whole thing so we can shoot it soon.

*3. Will it be a fantasy-styled video like the last one?*

I love the fantasy theme in videos because it speaks to people’s imagination of what another world or time period could look like. I would love to work with some CGI or cool effects in the next video. You’ll have to wait and see! I am working on a whole new concept for this EP release, including a new website and new visuals, so there will be a lot to show.
*4. What is the message you want to convey with this upcoming EP?*

For me the message I want to put out there is still the same. I wrote a lot of these songs in a time when I needed to remind myself that I am strong enough to move on and go for it. Nothing or no one can hold me back. It is a shout-out to all those who doubted me through the years to show them that I will make my dream come true and that is also my message to the fans: Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it and keep going, whatever anyone else’s opinion may be!

*5. What is it about music that brings out this passion in you?*

Music means everything to me and I believe it does to a lot of people.

It is a vicious circle: the music you play is determined by your mood and your mood is determined by the music you play. You use it to get high or to get low.

Music is life, it is the rhythm of our souls and it holds the everyday truths that we never say, but only sing, coming from deep inside our hearts.

*6. You mentioned two tracks that would be made towards gaming last time. Can you tell us the status of those? *

When all the songs are finished they will definitely be pitched towards a few of the big fantasy companies out there. I cannot say for sure any of them will be picked for a new game, a film or TV a series, but I certainly hope so. I was actually in New York City during the ComicCon in October but was unable to attend because I was doing some intensive vocal studio sessions for the EP. I am planning to do appearances during my promo tour for the release next year though so watch out for me.

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