recently had a Q&A session with the Last Chaos team about this free 3D MMORPG. Questions by are in bold.

What do you feel Last Chaos offers that other free MMORPGs don’t?

The best thing about Last Chaos is the community. The players in this game are great. In order to recognize this we have created multiple programs. There is the Karma system that rewards players for mentoring new players. There is the Game Sage program that recognizes the contributions of our more knowledgeable players. There is the

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team that recognizes the real world contributions of our members in publicizing Last Chaos.

Do you feel that Last Chaos is more targeted towards solo players or grouping?

Last Chaos is solo friendly but it strongly encourages players to work together. We encourage our players to play together as a social experience is one of the major benefits of being online.

Can you elaborate on your personal dungeon system?

The “Personal Dungeon” is a private quest mode where players can go solo in an “arcade” style gaming environment. This allows players to experience parts of Last Chaos in privacy and at a more rapid and exciting pace without any death penalty. Players are also rewarded handsomely in experience and treasure!

Please explain your PvP system and how it tries to combine with PvE.

The Last Chaos PvP system is designed to allow players to fight each other but to create penalties for players that cause too problems. There are three classifications of players; Good (Blue) Neutral (White) Evil (Red). If a player attacks and kills a Neutral or Good player they get evil points. If a player kills an Evil player (as attacker or defender) they get good points. Evil points are removed over time as the player gains experience.

Players choose on login whether they are playing on an open PVP server or a Non-PVP server. They can make this choice each time they log in. In open PVP servers players may initiate combat at any location except for the cities.

How is your combat system different from other MMOs?

The combat system in Last Chaos offers both PVE and PVP elements in all open maps. It also has a unique system for players to solo in their ?personal dungeons?.

Do you think your game appeals to the casual gamer or the hardcore gamer?

Last Chaos appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers. Some of our gamers are truly hardcore and are focused on levels and equipment. The majority of our gamers are more interested in the social atmosphere of the game. They are not overly focused on the items or levels.

What role do guilds play in the game?

Guilds are a large part of the social foundation for the game. They also have a unique role in the weekly Castle Siege event. The Castle Siege is an event that pits a group of Challengers Guilds to storm and take a Castle defended by another Guild and their allies.

Are there any future improvements planned that you would like to mention?

We have just recently released Egeha a major expansion for the game. Egeha includes one new personal dungeon one outdoor map with all new monsters and quests new weapons new armor an increased level cap (from 65 to 80) increased experience and cash drops. Get ready for the biggest and toughest adventure in the Last Chaos history.

In closing is there anything else that you would like gamers to know about Last Chaos?

We believe that online games should primarily be about the communities. Aeria Games has made an effort to reach out to our community in many ways. We have a presence on Facebook we have also made a Ventrilo server available to our players so that they can socialize better while playing.

Thank you for your time!

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