A few voice commands for team actions and a few ways to unlock new
levels weapons and difficulties.

Headset Commands: Say these phrases into the headset during gameplay to activate the corresponding team actions: Defuse Bomb: Put crosshairs on the bomb and say "Bravo defuse bomb" Open Door: Point crosshairs at door and say "Bravo open door" Throw Grenades into Open Room: Point crosshairs into open room and say "Breech bang clear" Subdue Enemy: Sneak up behind an enemy and say "Hands up get down" Order Team into Stealth Mode: Say "Team low profile" Unlock Level Select: Beat the game on Lieutenant JG difficulty. Unlock New Difficulties: Lieutenant JG: Beat game on Ensign difficulty Lieutenant: Beat game on Lieutenant JG difficulty Lieutenant Commander: Beat game on Lieutenant difficulty Commander: Beat game on Lieutenant Commander difficulty Captain: Beat game on Commander difficulty Rear Admiral: Beat game on Captain difficulty Admiral: Beat game on Rear Admiral difficulty Unlock New Weapons To unlock the terrorist weapons for single play beat the game on Ensign difficulty. To unlock the Multiple Grenade Launcher beat the game on Lieutenant difficulty.
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