Cheats and hints for the best skateboarding game online or offline.

Hidden Skaters:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter homielist to unlock Eddie Jango Fett and Mike Vallely.

Play as Daisy:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter (o)(o) to unlock Daisy.

Always Special:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter doasuper to always have a full special.

Perfect Manuals:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter mullenpower for perfect manuals.

Perfect Rail:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter ssbsts for perfect rails.

Moon Physics:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter superfly for moon physics.

Matrix mode:
Enter the options menu then select “Cheats”. Enter nospoon for Matrix mode. All ollies and aerial tricks will be in slow motion.

Daisy – Censored Body:
Play as Daisy and find a location where two walls meet in a corner. Place Daisy in the corner then hold Down to up her board. Do not move. If you are close enough to the corner the view will pass through Daisy. Manually shift the view back out so that you are looking out from inside Daisy. You can see two blue stars covering her breasts.

Jango Fett – Rocket Booster:
Go to any level and execute the Jango Jump Jet move. This trick will let you jump three times higher then normal which is useful for getting to high places money etc. However if you are playing in two player mode and are both Jango Fett one of you will not be able to use the move to make you go higher. Instead it will make the other player go even higher then before.

Jango Fett – Fly Around Levels:
Start a level with Jango Fett and enable the “Moon physics” code. Jump up and use his rocket boost repeatedly every second. You should be able to fly as long as you use his rocket boost. This would be an easy way to get massive points if you get used to it.

Mike Vallely – Screen contact:
Go to the skater selection screen and highlight Mike Vallely. Rotate him to make him face the left side. He should throw his skateboard at the screen making it shake and have little static.

Pro Challenges:
In order to unlock your skater’s pro challenge you must get 90 pro points. The “Pro Challenge Unlocked” message will appear. The game will then tell you the level it is in and ask if you want to go there. If you choose “No” you can still go back and do it at anytime. Pro challenges are the most difficult goals. You may want to build your stats before you attempt them.

Completing Kareem Cambell’s Pro challenge:
Get the directions for the challenge from the man on the roof. Allow the game to idle there. Do not press Ollie. After several minutes the game will think you are going through the first two parts of the challenge. Although you still have to do the final challenge of seven tricks in one combo over the gaps you will have two minutes and thirty seconds to do it. You can also let the game idle longer on the last one and all you have to do are the tricks over the gaps and not in one combo.

Big Air:
Get $9000 and buy the Star Warrior secret character (Jango Fett). He has a special trick called Jango Jump Jets. Use this special with the “Moon physics” code enabled and you will fly extremely high.

Easy Stat Points:
Make a created skater start a career quickly finish simple objectives save the skater start a new career load the skater and do the same objectives. The game will give you stat points quickly being that they become more scarce as the game goes on. When your stat points are maxed out you can switch them all to a pro skater if desired.

Easy Money:
When you are selecting your skater notice that there are people skating in a halfpipe in the background and that there is money there. After picking your skater go to practice instead of skate. You can skate in that halfpipe you saw and collect that money.

Eat Pizza:
Go to “Edit Tricks” then “Special Tricks” then select “Chomp On This”. You will eat pizza once you do the trick.

Huge Combos:
Enable the “Matrix mode” and “Moon gravity” codes for huge combos.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 Reference:
In Build Park mode one of the themes’ background resembles the Los Angeles level from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3.

View All FMV Sequences Cheaply:
Save your game then buy a movie for $800. After you have viewed the FMV sequence reset the PlayStation2 and buy a different movie.

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