A few hints and strategies for this console version of Tribes.

Secret Conversation Options:
In order to say things to other players not previously capable of such as “Repair me” “I need a ride” and others create a character to your liking. Then in your buddy list enter CHAT-TEST. Note: This code will only work in the rooms marked “Inevitable” with an arrow pointed towards them.

Secret Statue:
Start a one player bot match. Set “Bots” to “Off” and “Max Team” to “1”. Choose the Slapdash level under the CTF heading. Go to the vehicle station and get yourself a jet (easier to see). Follow the perimeter of the level (next to the out of bounds wall) until you reach a clearing in the top right corner. Get out and look in the area to find a statue.

Satchel Charges:
On the first deathmatch get to the tower. There will be satchel charges that you can plant.

Grenade Launcher:
There is a grenade launcher in a bunker.

Quick Ammunition:
If you are in need of ammunition and do not have an ammo pack (but for example have an energy pack) on some maps there are bunkers with packs in them. If you do not have an ammo pack and there is one on the ground swap for whatever pack you have to get instant ammunition. You can do this back and forth as many times as needed.

Free Health:
Get a repair pack. After doing so if you are in a vehicle and it blows up you are left with very little heath. To fix this press Circle to get the repair pack then hold L2 to make it work. You should get your health back.

Picking Off Enemies:
There are many floating patches of land that are some times useful to pick off enemies. Some of the soldiers will see you before they get killed and start shooting underneath you. If this happens jump off spin and while in the air shoot him.

Human Bomb:
This trick only works if you are playing a two player botmatch with a friend or two player online. You need someone next to you in real life so you can tell them what you are doing. Get a satchel charge and plant it on them. If there is something that needs to be blown out of the way tell them where to go carry them on a transport or lead them with a fighter jet or hover bike. Have them drop down by the target then press the activator button. This causes the satchel to go off blowing up your partner with a slight chance of blowing up the target. You may need to repeat this a few times.

Air Fighter Bomb:
This trick works best if you have two people since you can have double the power. Damage yourself to the point where one hit would kill you then damage the fighter the same way. To perform the entire trick practice your dodging skills in the fighter jet. Have both you and your friend plant a satchel charge on the front of the fighter. Get into the fighter and fly to there base. Find a good target and fly into it. You and both satchels will explode. Your body will go flying and the target will more than likely be eliminated until the other team heals or replaces it.

Turrets and armor:
The following turrets are best against the corresponding armors:

Missile Turret: Light and Medium armor.
Plasma Turret: Devastating to Heavy Armor as well as Light and Medium.
Mortar Turret: Heavy armor.
Anti-Aircraft Turret: All armors.
Sentry Turret: Note: You cannot deploy it. The Sentry Turret destroy anything and is best avoided.

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