Although it took a while to get all the accessories assembled, its now time to see how the little microcomputer that can acted on its first outing. Take note that that only some of the items were bought while others were simply what I had on hand. The power adapter is simply a Micro USB wall charger, while the monitor was bought at a live auction years ago.

Well, that monitor happened to play a major part in starting the Raspberry Pi because it would not display the screen despite using the HDMI to VGA adapter that was the only item that was more than was expected at $25 on sale at Wally World. Thankfully, I just had another monitor returned to me by a nephew who could not be bothered by a second hand system for his first computer! Thus, I made the switch and booted up again using the new monitor.

Bingo, the Raspberry Pi could actually be seen on this monitor. However, I apparently missed a step that I have been seeing on the videos because the operating system was already up and running with out having to do anything else. I then added the Wifi connection so I was up and running online almost immediately after using the right monitor. Then you can just mess around with the menu and access the browser. To my surprise, there was already a few free Python games that could be played immediately.

The main game I played was, and I kid you not, called Squirrel Eat Squirrel. This was like an offline version of where you keep eating other squirrels until you are biggest squirrel of them all. The game does not take long to beat, but its more fun than I expected right out of the box from this $35 computer. Will continue this series in the next article.


  1. Hey Ogreman,

    A couple months ago I purchased the raspberry pie and I can tell you it’s the most fun I’ve had since a long time.
    I’m a big fan of retro video games when I was a kid my parents bought me every console from the NES to the PlayStation one.

    I would recommend the Pi to anyone who loves old retro games, plus it does not cost a fortune like most recent video games.

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  2. I want to a Raspberry Pi for me. When i saw this i really want one. I tell mom about it and she agree to buy me one in next week. I am so excited think about it

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  3. Good luck with your assembly project. I hope you find other interesting games aside from Squirrel Eat Squirrel so that the effort will be worth it. I’m currently trying to search and learn the optimum pc build for my use but still on a budget.

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