With the Steam Summer Sale coming to a close soon, it continues to remain fun. Of course, the Monster Game is now over, but it ended with a bang for me as my team apparently jumped through some wormholes as we are currently at level 89,020. With this gigantic leap, I also got to see many tiers for the first time. Here are the tiers I was able to get to for the main three upgrades in the game. Keep in mind some are rather ridiculous.


  1. Light
  2. Heavy
  3. Energy Shields
  4. Personal Training
  5. Cybernetic Enhancements
  6. Exoskeleton

Automatic Damage:

  1. Auto-Fire Canon
  2. Advance Targeting
  3. Farming Equipment
  4. AFK Equipment
  5. Level 1 Sentry Gun

Click Damage:

  1. Armor Piercing Round
  2. Explosive Rounds
  3. Railgun
  4. New Mouse Button
  5. Titanium Mouse Button
  6. Double-Barreled Mouse

For games, I stayed in deep discount mode today. All three games that I bought today were 75% off. Started off with One Finger Death Punch for only $1.24. This is a low budget kung-fu indie game that gets a lot of mileage out of stick figures. The game does not even your character to move as all you do is attack. However, this simplicity is what make the game not only fun, but also as a possible stress buster:). All you do is kick butt with your mouse buttons.

Next, was the type game that I do not normally buy at all, but took a chance for just $1.74. 100% Orange Juice is hard to pin down to a single genre, but it could be classified as a board game. It is a light-hearted game that is best played with friends and can easily put a player in a rage due to the game’s random chaos. That is good to know before playing because it will happen sooner or later. I happened to enjoy the other online board game I played called Talisman Digital Edition (which is also on sale) so I decided to try another.

Last but not least, was my favorite of this batch: Orcs Must Die 2. I had bought the original many years ago around when I bought Dungeon Defenders. The sequel came out in 2012 but I was still enamored with DD at that time. Now I am glad to pick up this sequel and finished game complete with a Steam Workshop for this version. The addition of the user generated content was the clincher for me here. This one I have been playing off and on ever since I bought it and will probably jump back in it when I finish this blog post:).

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