The latest Steam Summer Sale is here in all its game saving glory! Gone are the days where different games were off even more on certain days, but this year’s sale trumps that. What makes this particular sale so good is that it gives gamers the chance to buy major games. Whether it has been hyped to the moon or a part of a vaunted franchise, not everybody can pay $40 to $60 for every game they really want. This particular sale has been good about offering huge discounts on some of the best games available.

The most obvious example of this can be found by the price of Portal 2. Here is a game that I bought for $2 because it is currently 90% off during the sale. Portal 2 just happens to be one of the best games in years, not a little hastily made indie game for a few bucks. Here are other games that deserve a look during this sale.

Steam Bargains

No Man’s Sky – ($60 to $24) Much maligned game that was over hyped but has steadily worked on improving since launch.

Sniper Elite 3 – ($30 to $6) One of the better sniper focused games on Steam.

Stardew Valley – ($15 to $9) The lowest this little farming social sim has been yet.

Domina – ($10 to $5) The FTL of gladiator games.

Tomb Raider ($20 to $5) Blockbuster game at a great price.

Spore With Two Expansions ($60 to $10) The big controversial over hyped game before No Man’s Sky. An offshoot action RPG called Darkspore was shut down forever.

Portal 2 – ($20 to $2) If you don’t own Portal 2 yet, now is the time.


  1. Waiting for the next big sale! I wasn’t able to browse during this sale, thankfully I’m not into the games mentioned above. Hopefully, I can participate in the next one with a few bucks at hand and games of my liking!

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