The competitive season of Rocket League is in full swing. In two weeks, the regional series of the winter split will end, and all participants in the major will be determined to compete against each other in April in San Diego. Nevertheless, the first half of the season has already provided us with a glimpse of the esports teams in Rocket League that are fighting for awards and are favored in the distribution of prize places.

First of all, we will speak about the Autumn Major in Rotterdam and identify the two main participants of the championship. Secondly, we will go through the best teams in their respective regions that have already made it to the next major or are about to buy tickets to San Diego.

Despite the tight schedule of Rocket League & RLCS tournaments, we already can see around ten teams that can put the RLCS 2022-23 season to their active. However, we should limit ourselves to three regions: Europe, North America, and Latin America, where the best of the best traditionally compete.

Gen.G Mobil1 Racing

For starters, we have to speak about the team Gen.G Mobil1 Racing that became the champion of the Rocket League Championship Series 2022-23 – Fall Split Major in December. Furthermore, the English-American team won two regional tournaments and also made it to the finals twice.

Obviously, it is currently difficult to compete with Gen.G Mobil1 Racing, as the team has been demonstrating confident gameplay and is not afraid of any competition. It would not be a mistake to suppose that the team will secure a trip to the final world championship before the start of the spring split.

Karmine Corp

We should not ignore Karmine Corp. Before the start of the season, the organization refreshed their roster, having signed the best player of the previous year. Furthermore, during the Autumn Split, the team won the RLCS 2022-23 Fall: EU Regional 2 Fall Cup, and also made it to the finals twice.

The only disadvantage of Karmine Corp is their failure at the Rocket League Championship Series 2022-23 Fall Split Major, as there the team only took the quarterfinals. However, during the winter split the team has not lost even once and has already secured a trip to San Diego for the RLCS 2022-23 – Winter Split Major.

Team Secret

One of the teams that is getting closer to the strongest teams and is growing with every tournament is Team Secret. They became a surprise of the autumn split even though they did not win a single regional championship. It was only the Tiebreaker that helped them make it to the major in Rotterdam, where they reached the semifinals, but ultimately lost to Moist Esports.

Moreover, Team Secret made a strong showing in the autumn split, winning RLCS 2022-23 – Winter: SAM Regional 1 – Winter Open. If they manage to reach the semifinals of the second tournament, the team will continue to fight for positions at the upcoming major.

Moist Esports

Despite the departure of several key players, Moist Esports remain at the forefront of competitive play and continue to fight for rewards. In the previous autumn season, the team made it to the semifinals of RLCS 2022-23 – Fall: EU Regional 1 – Fall Open and RLCS 2022-23 – Fall: EU Regional 2 – Fall Cup, and also took second place in the Rocket League Championship Series 2022-23 – Fall Split Major.

But the recent transfers have had a drastic effect on the results of Moist Esports, leaving them with an insignificant number of points in the winter split. Despite this, the team has continuously been climbing back up, showing that it is too early to write them off. Moist Esports still has a great chance of qualifying directly for the final world championship.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

It should be understood that the main focus will shift to the Club, which forms the core of the new Ninjas in Pyjamas roster. According to the rules, Ninjas have inherited the points of their predecessor, which had shown strong performance in the autumn.

Then the Brazilian team won all three regional championships but failed to do so in the major. Since the winter split began, Ninjas in Pyjamas have been striving to climb back to the top, but they are confident that the team will regain its former glory.

Spacestation Gaming

Another North American team that stands out for its stability is Spacestation Gaming. They’ve been quietly competing for rewards, and in the fall they made it to the semifinals of all three regional events. Even after their unsuccessful attempt in Rotterdam, the players have kept their standards high.

Now, Spacestation Gaming remains one of the top representatives of North America, as they prepare for the final fights of the winter split.