FIFA 17 is the most popular sports video game in the world. One of the main reasons for the game’s popularity is the Ultimate Team mode, which is often abbreviated as FUT. It allows players to build a team of their own.

Many players spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on FUT every year. Players can buy FIFA Points, which can then be used to purchase card packs with players and consumables or to buy entry into the Draft Champions mode.

Draft Champions is a fun mode, but it costs 15,000 FUT coins each draft. Players will build a team through a draft and get to play with players they may never have a chance to own in FUT because of the cost of elite players.

However, unless you go a perfect 4-0 during Draft Champions, the rewards are poor. In fact – even when you win all four games you still might barely make a profit from opening up the reward packs you receive.

Since you don’t know what you’ll get in the packs it’s a lot like farming your coins. If you’re just looking to farm only you’d be much better off heading over to CasinoUK to play. If you’re trying to earn FUT coins you aren’t going to do so by playing this mode, but here are some tips to fill up your FUT coins balance, so that you’ll be able to afford some of the top tier footballers in FIFA 17.

The best tip when starting out and even as you’re building up your first few hundred thousand coins is to open up bronze packs in the FIFA Store. Only buy the regular packs and avoid the more expensive premium packs.

This year there are ongoing limited release collections to build for rewards in FUT and every time a new collection is out the bronze players in those collections will be worth a lot and you can make a lot of easy FUT coins.

You won’t profit from every pack you open, but most packs will be profitable. Some of the bronze consumables sell very quick in the marketplace and many bronze players will sell fairly easily for 200+ coins.

Make sure you also purchase the coin boosts when you play FUT matches. You can purchase the coin boosts from the Football Club Catalogue and there are enough boosts to last for quite a few FUT matches.

Collections are also profitable, especially if you haven’t completed many of them yet. With some bronze and silver cards still selling for a lot on the marketplace you can easily turn a profit by submitting some of the cheaper collections.

You can find the average price to complete collections on FutBin. They even show sample teams you can use, but this isn’t recommended because the players in these sample teams often see price increases in-game.

Lastly, you can grind the transfer market to build up coins, but this isn’t a get rich quick method. You have to pour through thousands of listings to get deals to resell and many people don’t like doing this for hours on end.

You can also invest in players to sell at a later date after price increases. The best time to buy players is when the market is flooded with new packs being opened, holding for a week and the reselling once the value has come back.


  1. Just remember to buy during low prices and sell during high prices! Control your emotions to prevent impulse purchases. Remember that you will have more benefit by doing so.

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