Video games have explored a multitude of themes and compelling styles of gameplay over the years, from ancient Egyptian role play to Greek mythology, Wild West Shoot-Em Ups, Piracy on the high seas and Sci Fi Fantasy.

One of the most popular of all these genres is horror because it translates so brilliantly into the online gaming environment. The entertainment industry has enjoyed a love of vampires and monsters for many decades through Hollywood and multiplayer gaming and tournament play. And of course there is no shortage of horror fans out there so combining the nail biting suspense of a good slasher or zombie narrative with the thrill of gaming works brilliantly. The horror theme can be taken in many directions – from outright frights in the style of Friday 13th to more suspenseful moments like those from the early Alien films. In short, with a blank canvas, game developers can create some awesome experiences online.

And if you are a fan of horror, and video games, then you might want to check these three game franchises out … if you dare!


The Dracula video slot is a game that creates an experience worthy of the very biggest game studios out there. Dracula is one of the most famous horror stories ever written and it lends itself perfectly to all sots of video and online games. Dracula’s contribution to the horror game genre is notable for creating an exciting gaming atmosphere and this one has an unforgettable feel to it.


Another quality horror-based video game franchise that you can try online is ID Software’s Quake/Doom games. This game developer has created many different horror-based games, mixing classic metal soundtracks with some crazy visuals and genuinely scary online moments. These two franchises have a particularly high variance which means you die less frequently than in other games though when you do the experience along with the sounds in the dark can be downright terrifying!

In summary, these games boast impeccable visuals with a thumping soundtrack that cranks up the atmosphere, particularly when those awesome features are in play. If you like relentless game play, satisfying win sequences, and a cracking metal anthem, then these video games are for you.


Of our three games, Bloodrayne is the most popular. This game and its sequels have earned cult status amongst gaming enthusiasts and horror fans alike. The game takes you to a Transylvanian castle where you encounter a Vampiress watches on. It is the prequel to an equally scary game that features dark graphics and unexpected twists and turns in the narratives.

Bloodrayne is our favorite horror video game because it captivates you through its gothic-style graphics, awesome audios and compelling gameplay. If you like the sound of this and the other games in this article, you can check out further reviews at


  1. Quake and Doom are alright, but I feel like they’re closer to first-person shooters than horrors, especially if we’re just talking about the original games. And I don’t even consider BloodRayne to be that horrifying, especially BloodRayne: Betrayal which is more on the cartoony side.

    I kind of like horror games where you’re isolated in an island though, like the survival-horror type of games. When you combine survival and horror, I think there’s more appeal in the horror. I typically think of horror games like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, or The Forest being pretty good games that define the horror genre.

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