It is not a secret that video games that have a foundation in famous movies have a track record. As a rule, they release at practically the same time as a film to market it. Some of these games are bad-quality. However, there are some titles that are absolutely well-crafted.

We decided to prepare our list of top-quality video games that are based on popular films. It will include specific film-based games and representatives that can be found in the universe of a film.

Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 was presented in 2004. It happened on the same week as the film was released. This video game has primarily hit the sequel of this film. In addition, it is full of specific features such as storylines that revolve around Black Cat or Shocker. Moreover, the biggest part of the cast reprised their roles for this video game.

When it comes to its technical characteristics, we should say that it is probably the first game about this superhero with the 3D option that is widely used not only in video gaming but also on modern online gaming sites such as Ricky casino. Thanks to this technology, a more realistic world of New York City was added to this game.

Another big advantage of Spider-Man 2 is an opportunity to take part in several actions while a mission does not complete yet. Case in point, you can participate in delivering pizzas when you walk across the city.

GoldenEye 007

If we speak about the Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007 is among its most fantastic games. This game boomed the world of video gaming in 1997 giving players such bright emotions as an option to hit a mega jackpot on a pokie machine.

The game plot is similar to the film. All actions go around the spy mission that is connected with the clearance of a mass destruction weapon.

A few words about the technical options of this video game. It has a top design, challenging gameplay, and fluid animation for NPCs. In addition, it has a multiplayer mode so you can invite up to four friends to play various modes of this game. Furthermore, you can select a movie character. All of the characters are featured from the films about James Bond.

The Lord of the Rings

EA Redwood Shores is a company that created the adaptation of the 2003 film called “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. It is an action video game that allows gamers to take control of numerous heroes across the narrative of the movie. It means that a specific character has its own play style and particular combos of opportunities. What is more pleasant, players can upgrade these combos.

Except for movie scenes, this video game is full of interesting solutions such as different interviews with the film cast and the voices that were used in the game.

Lego Star Wars

There is a unique company Traveller’s Tales that adapted numerous films such as Harry Potter and Star Wars into video games of the Lego universe. Lego Star Wars is the brightest of them all.

In this game, players should fight enemies, solve riddles, and pick up items during different levels in order to receive the biggest score. Of course, games from this provider are extremely interesting from the first to the last game episode!