is set to have an official meetup in AQ3D on October 27th 2017 at 4:30 PM Central time. Expect at least screenshots to be taken like our previous Event. This meetup will feature the newest addition the item shop, Ogreman’s Smashinator. The first club resembled a wooden mace already in the game, but this one is fully ogrefied:). Thanks goes out to Artix for making the club after their huge update on Friday the 13th. AQ3D had their own very unique war for the update and should be adding PvP in the future.

Ogreman’s Smashinator


  1. This truly is a club that ogreman deserves to wield and club/smash evil doers with, a design that i expected it to have and it’s a spot on what ogreman’s actual club would look like! See you everyone on this upcoming meetup if you manage to show up!

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