Which special edition and pre-order extras are the very best in 2022? When you are truly into the game, any incentive to the main game could be a great addition. In fact, pre-order bonuses are so amazing that consumers end up purchasing games just because they are so excellent. Bonuses have always been popular in entertainment, not only when it comes to video games, but also in online games. If you always wanted to try online games, there are many excellent bonuses and bonus codes available to players. We recently learned about the premium editions and pre-order incentives for the eagerly anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Another thing to consider when buying a new game is your gaming equipment such as the Best Gaming Headphones Without Microphone as finding the right headphones are extremely important to all the games listed below.

Madden 23: All-Madden Edition

The pre-order goodies for Madden were quite good this year. For ordering the All Madden edition early, players received the choice of two Elite players, All-Madden gear, a strategy item and 4,600 Madden Points. The Madden Points are especially nice because this is the currency for premium items in the game. In other words, these are the items that players use their own money to buy. Of course, this is separate from the items that you can buy by playing the game everyday.

Fallout 4 
While the Fallout 4 pre-order bonus has been botched for some players, they at least got a refund on it. It’s reasonable to say that some players were disappointed as this special edition appeared to be fantastic. Who hasn’t imagined what it might be like to live in the Fallout universe? Now you can make your dreams come true with this real Pip-Boy.

If you were lucky enough to get it, this pre-order deal was fairly good. In essence, if you got a photo of yourself placing a pre-order for the game, you would have an opportunity to talk to one game of the developers and receive some special prizes. The Handsome Clap-trap version was stunning, although it was a little harder on your wallet. A big Clap-trap costs $399 and could be purchased with a monocle and a hat.

Saints Row IV
You may wind up owning the unquestionably greatest pre-order bonus in history for over a million dollars! And if you do, what on earth is wrong with you? But if you don’t, let’s find out what would you get for such a ridiculous price. You would have received a full-size gun, 2 luxury cars, a trip to Dubai and Washington, D.C., cosmetic surgery of your choice, espionage training, a whole new wardrobe that you would have been able to choose with the help of a personalized stylist, and a voyage on a cruise ship. How utterly extravagant is that?

Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition
Okay, this is some serious cash. You are probably aware of how everyone adores Leon’s leather jacket and how Resident Evil fans adore him. You could get a replica of the fabled jacket, the game, and four distinctive tablet covers for a whopping $1,300. This is one of the most fashionable pre-order incentives ever available to the public!