by NCsoft

Description – The stand alone sequel to the popular super hero MMORPG City of Heroes.


  • Play as the bad guy.
  • You can build your own fortress.
  • Take on hero players in City of Heroes.
  • New villain group called Arachnos.
  • Take part in robberies kidnappings etc.
  • The 5 villain classes are the Dominator the Stalker the Brute the Destroyer and the Mastermind.
  • Masterminds will be able to have henchmen.

Link: Official Site

User Review – Give your own opinion of City of Villains!


City of Villains will allow gamers to unleash their inner evil and finally provide the PvP experience that players have been clamoring for ever since City of Heroes was released.

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  1. City of Villains was one of the best MMORPGs to feature the main character as a villain, which is not so common in most MMORPGs. Usually in an MMORPG, the main character is some sort of hero rather than a villain, and City of Villains proved to be different than most MMORPGs. I actually liked the five classes that the game featured, but what I really enjoyed about City of Villains were the missions, and even PvP. The graphics, specifically the appearance of the characters, is really well-made. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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  2. It’s an interesting concept to make a villain as the main character rather than the same old plot being the goodie good hero you were supposed to be. Doing bad thingies such as kidnapping, robbery. It must be new fun!
    And expect good pvp too!.
    Thumbs uppy~


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