War Thunder: World of Planes, originally known as World of Planes, is an upcoming action MMO against the background of WWII and Korean War. It puts players in the role of fighter pilots who can access to a simulated aviation experience, thanks to the in-depth customization system. Players on the PS4 have an asterisk close to their names. The dogfights alone are worth a try.

Post Date: 16:53 18-12-2014
Rating: 7
Author: gavrilo3
Comment: played many times but i no have what much to say one of better games of avions but i think interface can be better reworked

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War Thunder
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  1. Flying multiplayer game based on WW2 thematics, dont like its free to play system because its grindy and takes to much time to unlock.

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  2. Am fan of WW2 games overall, so i like this one too. Game is realistic and u can pick one of many airplanes to fight with. If u want to win u need to play smart, because u need to know your airplane’s limits otherwise u will fall behind and be easy target to shoot at

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  3. Very interesting MMO video game,game is popular and has great community,I suggest it everybody

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  4. War Thunder is a decent military game with a bit of flaws as far as the balancing mechanics goes. Overall the game has good graphics, it’s fun to play and there’s a lot of stuff to unlock.

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