• I expected that Minecraft and Terraria, mby even Brawlhalla be on top 5 since they were one of the most played games on OGT.
    Also am surprised that League of Legends arent on list at all. For few years it was the most popular game on forum

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    Game Description

    Blood Bowl is fantasy football two-player, turn-based board game.
    Using dice and cards the players attempt to score higher than each other by entering the opponent’s end zone […]

    • The game looks good… Great Graphics.. but not really a fan of games like this…

    • A strategic game.. Looks awesome. But im not a fan. From what i can see, it’s brutal xD so anyone fond of brutality, this one’s for you :p

    • Really cool game , so nice ! also good graphics ! 🙂

    • It looks like a nice strategy sports game, but in some way violent. Football itself already feels somewhat violent, but this game takes it to another level. In a way, I sort of like the violent-feel of the game.

    • For a strategic turn based game it looks quite nice!!! Though i am not a fan of football i can say that i like the fact that there are many races ingame and that you can customize them!!!

    • Pretty nice strategy type game. Implementing sports with different classes of ogres. Definitely, the type of game Ogreman would be the one to create lol. A lot of action plus a full customization set up. It’s a great game!

    • Great game concept! However, I’m done with turn-based board games. I would rather have this in which all pieces randomly rages in real time pause pause situation. Or this could even be a multiplayer game where certain players control such number of pieces!

    • Blood bowl yhea nica love it

    • Game kind of reminds me of Chaos League, not my type of the game or turn based games in general but it looks like a fun strategy game.

    • Competitive game that needs strategy to win the game , it’s an average game for me but this game is fun to watch.

    • Woah playing football to the whole new level!


    • Blood Bowl is a turn based sports game mixed with violence as the name implies. It plays like super bowl but you can affect the out come of the other team by injuring them. There are many races to play around with too and strategies to use with time. I would say it’s a decent game so I will give it 3 stars out of 5 stars.

    • This game is absolutely sick. It takes the utter brutality of actual American Football and puts it on steroids. Completely epic turn based game, probably one of the best I’ve seen. I would totally suggest this to anyone who is a fan of the American Football sport as I am. I definitely rate it 5/5 stars.

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    Game Description:

    Evil stirs beneath the Spine of the World. In the northernmost reaches of the Forgotten Realms lies the region of icy tundra known as Icewind Dale. Journey deep into the Spine […]

    • Really interesting game, graphic isn’t that good, but gameplay is awesome.
      It can also be played in multiplayer.
      I recommend it.

    • Cool RPG video game which can be played in multiplayer,it reminds me on Robin hood because of graphic,I suggest this game everybody

    • Decent rpg game wuth solid graphic and enjoyable gameplay

    • Rly good game for me,I like this type of games definetly.I will suggest this game to everybody and I rate 5/5 .

    • I miss games like this where quests is everything well not everything​ just that you don’t finish several quests in a few minutes the games now have dozens of quests yes but in a couple of minutes it’s already finished unlike this one 🙂 I once hated games like this but seeing games now with quick finish quests I actually miss them.

      I’d try recommending this to players who’s bored with quick finished quests games. 🙂

    • This game has one of the most finest soundtracks I’ve listened to. Very great rpg, 2d but still love it!

    • It’s name , sounds good , haven’t played this game but it seems good and interesting one .

    • Graphics look old but it brings back memories!!! I think its similar to Diablo with the whole dungeons and art design… The soundtrack of the video was great too!!

    • Hmmm. I must say… Im not impressed with the graphics. Well the gameplay seems to be pretty plain. It’s nothing special for me. Just your average online game.


    • Very effective cross platform game, and because of that the graphics will suffer since it needs to cater to all requirements. Wont play it during this day and age. Too many other games that give the same services in a better environment and gameplay.

    • Great game! hhahahahha reminds me of tibia game but this one has better graphics. I might try this one since it’s similar to tibia grinding, dungeons and solo runs a good challenging game.

    • Not my type of rpg but this one kinda convinced me to try it although I have played some RPG’s like this before i still enjoy it 3/5

    • Great cross-platform game with pretty decent multiplayer ability. The game play is quite entertaining but the graphics take away a bit. Overall its a good game but it doesn’t match with all of the new games now. I for one am not the one for these types of games so my rating may be a bit biased. I rate the game 3/5.

    • Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is a RPG game which is a remade version of Icewind Dale. There are many quests to complete,places to explore and dungeons to raid. This game even has a multiplayer functionality which can make gameplay more fun! Game does look decent enough with it’s looks are concerned. This game is going to get 3 stars out of 5 stars!

    • I was quite impressed with this game, the way it just enters a story-telling cinematic at the very beginning before you even get to the character generation screen. As for the gameplay itself, it looks quite fun; I think if you’re a fan of Baldur’s Gate, this game might be relatable. But as for graphics, I think it’s passable; it’s not the best, but it’s not the worst either. Game music is alright as well, but it doesn’t seem like the kind of music that would be memorable; but I think the bits of voice acting is nice. I would rate this game a 4.25/5.

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    Game Description:

    Axis Football League is a free online NFL game Simulation where you call the plays, control the players, and get your team all the way through the playoffs! You can play in a si […]

    • Pok replied 6 years ago

      Very solid free online NFL simulator video game,where you are a captain of the team and you control your teammates,I suggest this game everybody

    • Rly good game,it is rly enjoyable and it has good gameplay.I would recommend this game to everybody,4/5 from me .

    • It is quite interesting,has some good parts of the game,gameplay is good,graphic too,try it

    • Interesting game with good gameplay, anyone who likes NFL will like this game also.

    • Cool Game… another great sport game… but i dont know how to play games like football … 😛

    • Nice game the graphics isnt looking good though I think it could’ve been a little better for the gameplay well idk never played foot ball all I know is you try to put the ball at the fork loong thingy 😛 if you go down with the ball you start there whwerever the yard is I think…

    • Interesting game but the graphics are pretty bad for today’s standards, I mean the scoreboard at the bottom looks better than the game itself. It kinda reminds of the times when I used to play this soccer game on my PSP, the crowd and seats look like they’re made out of cardboard.

    • Just like the other football games except this one has i would say not pretty good graphics and the controls are not too hard, the gameplay is not that good but still worth a try tho. 2/5

    • Axis Football – A very fun and entertaining American Football game. The game itself and the game play are very similar to Madden but they are online. The multiplayer capability is a very nice feature and the controls quite easy to use. The graphics are a minor turn off but the game play makes up for it. I would suggest this to anyone who is a fan of Football and has nothing to do. I rate the game 4.9/5.

    • Axis Football is a decent sports game. Not as detailed in graphics as Madden NFL 21 and not as fun as Blood Bowl, so it’s about average. Local multiplayer does sound fun though, so I think that’s good. Overall, I’d give this game a 3.5/5.

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    Game Description:

    In this first pearson boxing game, where you are human who wants to participate in Beast Boxing Leagues, but since humans aren’t allowed to participate, you are wearing […]

    • Pok replied 6 years ago

      Solid first person boxing video game where you are human and you fight versus beasts,I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody

    • Interesting boxing game,if u like boxing or monsters,this game is for you

    • Interesting game which can be enjoyable sometimes,it is pretty solid game for me,I think u should try it.4/5

    • Not so interesting game for me, i personally don’t like it very much, but it’s not that bad tho..

    • Welp… its not bad at all.. Good game… but its not in my Genre … 😛

    • The game is really good its so enjoyable you need fast hands to win some rounds its just so awesome I dont like the design of monster though.

    • It is fun. Yes. But throught time, you can lose interest becos of the repetitiveness and the boringness you will feel

      Still, thumbs uppy~

    • It’s a pretty fast pace boxing game, with CREATURES!!! Yes, the characters in this game are actually what makes this game unique. Yet the gameplay is pretty repetitive, the objectives and winning is pretty difficult. Therefore, I’d have to rate this game a 4/5.

    • Beast Boxing Turbo is a neat boxing game, especially since boxing games are not too common, and this game is unlike a lot of fighting games. What is great about this game is the various customization possible, but also the first-person gameplay. I also like that the player is matched against non-human characters, which is very unique for this kind of game. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

    • Nice game pretty fun too play altough the game is simple youll still enjo playing it still worth a try if you love action games the moves arent really hard and pretty basic 3/5

    • Super Punch-Out but with fighting game victory conditions. Small, fun little game. Character designs are fun, particularly chapter 3’s enemies. Worth $5.

    • Very weird yet interesting idea for a game. Very unrealistic as normally a human fighting some sort of beast would result in complete destruction of the human especially in boxing. But its still a cute and fun game. If you like boxing or beasts you should check it out. I rate it 4/5.

    • Beast Boxing Turbo is a boxing game where you fight beasts as a human who is wearing a costume. There are many upgrades to play around with in this first person boxing game. Game has good controls and looks good to look at. I give it solid 4 stars.

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    Game Description:

    Golf With Your Friends is an entertaining, challenging, multiplayer mini golf game for up to 12 players. The controls are simple and the game is designed for the user to […]

    • It has interesting gameplay,but personally I don’t like it,I never liked golf,it’s boring for me.That’s why I’m giving 3/5 to this game.

    • Solid gameplay, but it gets borring after a while, like every other golf game

    • Pok replied 6 years ago

      Very cool multiplayer mini golf video game,I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody

    • I’m not big fan of a gold game but it’s solid.
      I would recommend it to anyone who likes to play golf

    • I dont really play games like this lel.. But its not bad at all… Good for those who play games like this… 😛

    • Surprisingly golf games is fun I did play one in roblox and I think it’s the adaptation of this so if the game was the same it was really fun and enjoyable. 🙂

    • Fun game to pass time, the game is actually called Golf With Your Friends now because of a copyright issue i think. There’s a lot of glitches and bugs in public rooms I would suggest playing privately.

    • 20/10 best game to play with friends. It would be awesome if they added steamworkshop so people could keep adding more golf courses when they fully release the game

    • Games are best played when there are friends to play with even a simple game can be so enjoyable if there are multiplayers I found this one great but the game is just very simple 3/5

    • The sport golf is incredibly boring. Fortunately this isn’t golf. It’s mini golf. It’s also a video game which makes it that much better. Mini golf is like golf but not nearly as big so it leaves room for much more creativity. This game takes the creativity quite well. The multiplayer aspect is very fun and entertaining though it gets boring after a while. I rate it 4.5/5

    • Golf With Friends is a simple mini-golf game. You can play with up to 12 players in many different mini-golf courses. Controls work nicely and the game looks decent too. If you want some simple mini-golf fun with friends then this game is made for you! 4 stars!

  • Ogre wars is text based rpg game made by members from gameogre comunity. We have two nations “Stompers” and “Ironheads”, each member can join only 1 nation. For this game we use dice plugin, where we roll dice to get random number from 1 to 100. At first we can roll for gold and troops, gold are used to buy offensive and defensive items, also…[Read more]

  • Game rly test your reflexes, truck rope fighting, you can pick one of two items, gas which will allow you to pull your opponent toward line or oil, which will bring you closer to line, who ever cross line first, lose game

  • I wasnt relaxed enough, i dont like mahjong games, that is only reason why it wasnt fun for me

  • This is pointless game, it does nothing, i guess its gag game since guitar + cape = guitar hero

  • Game is rly cool, but not for ppl who can get angry easily, ive playing game for long time, but only when am on rly good mood

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    Game Description:

    Western Press is historically accurate and real story based dueling game. Learning to play is incredibly simple: Buttons go top to bottom, do them fast, Competing in to […]

    • Solid game for me,it’s not so good but it’s an solid game definetly.I will give this give 3/5 and I also think u should try this game.

    • Western Press is solid dueling retro 2d western video game 🙂 With interesting story and gameplay,I suggest it everybody 🙂

    • Decent game,i dont have any special impression,you can give it a try

    • I don’t really like this game, first of all graphics are terrible, even for 2D game… I’m not usually crazy about graphics but this looks really bad and unapealing and I don’t recommend this game to anyone 1/5 from me

    • Solid western retro game, graphic is not important, gameplay is alright.
      Give it a chance you won’t regret.

    • WElp.. Nice game.. But not my type one… Just try it if you want… 😛

    • The gameplay looks fun just that the graphics is bad I would’ve gladly play it if the graphics was a little better.

    • Pretty good western game, not very complex and there’s not much of a learning curve all you have to do is hold buttons faster than your opponent.

    • Western Press is a typing game, where you are thrown back into the old west where you fight to come out on top.

      In the game you play as a woman who is killing everyone in her path and you this by typing or pressing button combinations.

      That’s about all I can summarize the game with as it’s as simple as it sounds. There’s no power ups, nothing, all you do is type and if you’re faster than your opponent you win and continue with your journey, you die you go back to the fight and try to win.

    • The idea is good but the final game is pretty crappy. It could be so much better but the game play just is not very entertaining. I’m not sure how historically accurate it is but maybe my history just kind of sucks. I wouldn’t suggest this game to anyone unless they really like games this style. I rate it 2/5.

    • Western Pass is a nice game where you duel by typing. It has pixel graphics which are pretty nice! There are some characters to play as to fight another player or a bot. Music sounds decent enough overall. It will give this game 3 stars out of 5 stars.

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    Game Description:

    Pillars of Eternity is a RPG game which game takes place in the fantasy world of Eora. Game have party based real time tactical gameplay. As the player’s characters ex […]

    • Solid game which is playable and rly enjoyable if you get bored.It has solid gameplay and graphic and has some rly interesting things,that’s why I’m going to suggest this game and give 4/5 to this game.

    • Solid RPG, There are better RPG games for sure and I wouldn’t recommend this to people who aren’t already familiar with RPG games 3/5 from me

    • To be honest trailer looks good but actually gameplay and graphic are pretty solid.
      It’s nothing special about this game, it looks like other RPG games.

    • Really decent game ,boring i dont recommend it

    • The game sounds good,,, but its not in my taste lel… 😛

    • A decent good role playing game, one positive is the maps are well designed. If you’re a fan of older games with a classic art style then you’ll love this.

    • I’ve played this game with my brothers steam account. Deeply recommended to all “pure” rpg lovers out there. Don’t expect flashy, fast paced action. This is for patient people who want to dive into a thrilling story and discover a great game bit by bit. I must say that intially when I first played this on release date I was quite disappointed and and it was a full two years before I decided to have another go. The first couple of hours the game is good, but it is actually a lot further into the game when you have a full party and begin to level up and gain access to more powerful spells and better eqiupment, that you can fully appreciate the greatness of this game. 5/5 rating for me.

    • If you enjoyed the old infinity engine games you’ll enjoy this game. Has a lot of cool character building stuff so you could be super creative with your builds.

    • A great RPG adventure for those who are looking for one, the game is amazing!

    • Entertaining RPG game. It has enough uniqueness to the game play to keep it rather interesting but just like any game it eventually gets boring. One thing that’s good about this game is though it gets boring it is still quite fun to play and it takes longer to get boring than most games. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new RPG to try out. 5/5 rating,

    • Pillars of Eternity is a RPG game that has real time gameplay. The game is a party based and characters you can have a different race and class which of course changes their abilities. There is a fog of war just like in many RTS games which does add to the exploration part of the game. Everything you do can be judged by NPC so be sure to play nice! I will give this game 5 stars!

    • Pillars of Eternity is a well-made RPG game. The game has story narration and voice acting which is probably the best part about the game. Character creation is amazing as well since you have a bunch of classes to choose from (Barbarian Chanter, Cipher, Druid, etc.) and you get to even choose your own race (human, aumaus, dwarf, elf, etc.). And the game in general is fun since you get to explore many places and battle against various enemies. The game’s artwork is pretty good as well.

      I’d give this game a 4.9/5.

  • Screenshot:

    Game Description:

    Of Orcs and Men is role-playing game where your main goal is to destroy The Empire of Men’s oppressive threat looms over the territories of the Orcs and the Goblins. Goblins […]

    • I like this game a lot because it’s interesting and it’s definetly mine type of games,that’s why I’m going to recommend this game and I’ll give 4/5 to this game too.

    • Solid game, need a lot of improvements but it still is very fun and interesting to play 😀

    • Pok replied 6 years ago

      Decent RPG video game where point is to destroy humans I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody

    • Interesting RPG game,a bit morbid,but okay 🙂
      Try it if u have free time

    • The Game sounds good, but not in my genre.. Must try it if you want… 😛

    • The game sounds fun I like how the game works the graphics looks good the design too I really want to play it. 🙂

    • Looks It’s Ogre-ish game! So the game fun and bloody i find this very interesting ogre people should try this one. 4/5 for this game.

    • Very interesting game the gameplay is good,the animations, the graphics and the designs also the map. Im sure Ogreman love playing this one lol must try if u love RPG games 😉 4/5

    • This game is a good hidden gem. Just wish this game had more freedom of exploration. But the story and great characters make up for what this game lacks.

    • It’s a fun time. Worth getting if you like rpgs like dragon age orgins. Really hard at times but i love the story.

    • A good RPG game, the graphics are not that bad and the adventure is pretty awesome!

    • I’ve actually heard quite a bit about this game but I’ve never actually tried it. It sounds very enjoyable from what I’ve seen/heard. It’s nice to have a game where you are the ones fighting the humans rather than vise versa. I really can’t wait to try it out sometime and I would suggest it to anyone as well. My rating is 5/5.

    • Of Orcs and Men is a RPG game where you play as Orcs and Goblins to go and trash humans who are literally bullying you! Both of playable races have their advantages and traits which makes them better in different things. The game looks amazing and plays nicely! I give it solid 4 stars!

    • Of Orcs and Men is a cool ARPG. Very nice graphics, almost realistic-looking, and interesting fantasy theme and plot, especially with the voice acting. Gameplay itself isn’t that special though; it’s like you’d expect in many other ARPGs. Overall, I’d give this game a 4/5.

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    Game Description:

    Insurgency is online first person shooter where. This game have lot of game modes, online mods like: Push, Firefight, Skirmish, Occupy … and co op modes: Checkpoint, Hunt […]

    • Personnaly I don’t like this game,it’s not interesting game to me,but I think there is a lot of other players who would like to play this game,that’s why I’m going to suggest it and I’ll give 3/5 to this game.

    • Pok replied 6 years ago

      Very cool 1st person shooter video game,I enjoyed playing it,I suggest it everybody to try

    • Great firts person shooter game,really interesting i highly recommend it

    • I like it,it looks interesting, good for first person shooter, my suggestion for the people is to try it.

    • Based on the descriptions , it is really good.. you must try it… sad to say i cant play it due to low PC specs xD… 😛

    • The game looks really good no complaints about the graphics and gameplay the art is fine too I just don’t like he design of some weapons, btw this comment is based on me watching a gameplay.

    • Insurgency is a fun multiplayer first-person shooter game, especially for its various game modes to choose from. There are some modes like elimination, conquer, and infiltrate, but there are so many other game modes to pick, and most of those game modes are fun to play on. The graphics is very excellent with a balance of smooth textures and detailed structures, the environment of the game appears war-torn, and the game has a lot of customization. The minor issue that I have had with this game is the hit detection, but other than that, the game is pretty good. Overall, I would rate this game a 3.9/5.

    • I find this game similar to Counter Strike in terms of graphics and gameplay as well!!
      It’s got good features like customizations an such. Not sluggish. Won’t make you bored easily as it offers many modes to choose from.
      Over all the game is great.

      Thumbs Uppy~

    • Insurgency is a interesting online 1st person shooter, the gameplay is very fast paced and players can choose from a variety of different types of weapons (assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns etc) and the player has a set role depending on their outfit. Only 1 thing to look out for is blood but it isn’t excessive.

    • Insurgency is an amazing shooting game the player can go skirmish using different guns just like CS:GO the graphics is great, good maps like abandoned city , desert places and foggy areas with junk vehicles also the role depends on their outfit which is easy to identify your enemy.

    • Really nice shooting game the controls are easy kinda reminds me of the old counter strike game, the maps the guns and everything I also love the designs of each characters 4/5

    • The game is amazong but has a lot to improve yet, the mods are awesome.

    • This game is a very nice online FPS. While it looks like your average FPS game its actually quite unique and realistic. The graphics are not quite as good as some other FPS games but the game play and modes are very nice. The realistic gun damage is something that I really enjoy as I always prefer gun games to be realistic. I rate the game 5/5 and suggest it to anyone looking for a new FPS game to try out.

    • Insurgency is a multiplayer online shooter game with things you expect it to have. This game does concentrate on realism with damage you take from guns and many other things related to information can gather for example there’s no killfeed nor radar. Game looks really good and worth it to go and try it out. 5 stars!

  • Screenshot:

    Game Description:

    Endless Legend is a turn based fantasy-strategy game where player control faction and need to establish an empire through conquest, exploration, research and diplomacy. The […]

    • I’m in love with this game,I just saw it and I like it really really a lot.Really good game with good gameplay and graphic.Try this game it’s really good,5/5 from me 🙂

    • quite solid strategy game with turn based system,graphic is good,i like it

    • I’m not a big fan of turn based game but this one is actually very interesting and turn based style seems to benefit the game a lot 🙂 I really enjoy playing this game and I recomend it to everyone

    • I love strategy games, graphic is pretty good, i would suggest everyone who is into this kind of games to try it.

    • Not a fan of turn based games either but it’s decent, if you like Civ5 or have played it and enjoyed then you should try this. If you enjoy strategy games too with critical thinking then try this.

    • Very awesome strategy game not really a fan of these kind of games either but this game is fun the graphics and gameplay is cool must try 4/5

    • Great adventure. A good fantasy-strategy game.

    • Endless Legend – A great and entertaining turn based games. Most turn based games are rather boring unless made unique and well like this game. It keeps everything quite interesting by ability to win the game in so many different ways. The maps and graphics are made quite well. I rate the game 4/5.

    • Endless Legend is a turn based strategy game where your goal is to create an empire through many different methods. It plays like a RTS game so if you are familiar with them then getting to this game shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many ways to win the game so you can play it in many different ways. 4 stars!

    • Endless Legend seems fun and it definitely looks aesthetically pleasing, though I find it peculiarly odd that the terrain is very polygon-like with distinguishable hexagons (but it is designed that way to fit the mold of a strategy game, so I can’t really blame the game’s overworld). As for gameplay, there’s a lot of strategy involved that you might need a guide to become skillful enough, and there are plenty of factions in the game like the Wild Walkers, Vaulters, Drakken, and Ardent Mages. I’d give this game a solid 4/5.

  • Am playing lol for 6+ years and it sill quite interesting to me, and having lots of fun. Main reason is because Riot always brings new things to refresh game, like new map, champions, whole new gameplays, and some free skins and stuff like that.
    What i like on Minecraft is ability to show your creativity, so basically your imagination is your…[Read more]

  • Screenshot:

    Game Description:

    Dungeon of the Endless is tower defense game. In the game people are on prisoner ship which have accident and crush on unknown planet. The game is based on directing the […]

    • Dungeon of the Endless is tower defense video game,I played a lot of games of this kind and I would say that they are good time wasters 🙂 ,I like playing them and I enjoy it .

    • quite interesting TD game,i saw a lot of this kind of games so i can tell that i have experience
      I like it,graphic is solid too

    • I dont really play games like this.. but i think its a good game…. play it if you want… 😛

    • The game looks fine I’ve played a few games just like this but it have better designs of the characters and other stuff no complaints about the graphics though. 😛

    • One of my most favorite side scrolling-ish games whenever i play like this game (ex. Terraria , Rimworld) I never get bored. Its a good game and I recommend it, just is not exactly what I am looking for. If it was a bit more forgiving granting at least a save point every 3 levels (one that allows you to continue, not just save to take a break, then delete the savepoint) I would be more inclined to continue playing, but each failed run is very frustrating specially once you have reached a high level. All in all i definitely recommend this game for players who want to enjoy a challenge after their everyday business. It will make you angry sometimes, but the victory feels sweet every time 😀

    • Not reallyo fan of these kind of games, i have played lots of tower defense games and this one is one of my favorite the graphics arent really good but its awesome, fun game to kill boredom 4/5

    • This game is a rogue-like blend of RPG, XCOM and Tower Defense. It also has DLCs, so even if you beat the game there’s still more content to do. There’s also characters that are unlockable

    • Fun and unique Tower Defense game. It’s not quite my type but I can see it being quite fun for fans of these types of games. It has tons of content so you always have something to do. It is entertaining for awhile but after that It gets rather boring and not fun to play anymore. I rate the game 3/5.

    • Dungeon of Endless is a tower defense game. You need to control surviving members of a prison spacecraft to safety. You can make turrets to defend yourself and you can collect resources to achieve it. The game processes by getting to the elevator to reach next levels where things get harder. It’s looks great and plays like so too. This game gets 4 solid stars!

    • Dungeon of the Endless is a cool tower defense game, more on the side of a roguelike game which makes the game extremely unique. Game is also quite a challenge, especially considering there’s permadeath, and because levels are procedurally generated, every gameplay will be a different experience. The game’s art is amazing; really like the retro-esque pixel design. Overall, I’d give this game a 4.65/5.

  • Screenshot:

    Game Description:

    In Cthulhu Realms, your main resource is insanity, each player tries to reduce their opponents to insanity or have more sanity than their opponents when the deck runs out of […]

    • Solid game which can be really enjoyable when you start to playing it 🙂 .It has some interesting things.I give 3/5 to this game,game is solid !

    • Solid card video game,I like card games and I enjoy playing them,it has interesting gameplay,I suggest it everybody.

    • Pretty solid card game,if u like this kind of games,you should play this game 🙂

    • I personally don’t like this kind of games, but after watching the video i thinks it’s pretty solid card game.
      If someone like this kind of games, try it, but of course watch video before.

    • nice card game… i have play similar games like this… good game… you must try it…

    • This is a pretty unique Car game with a lot of diverse way on winning. Overall, this game has some creative game play and is free on steam. A $5 purchase will unlock the game on all devices, give you access to online play, and the rest of the AI play. Only thins I found a bit low quality was the story line in the campaign mode. However, I’d have to give this a 4/5 for its creativity to the TCG type game.

    • Hmm. It’s a trading card game which means minus points for me (yes, kinda biased xd)
      The animations are good tho… BUT! i find the story line quite uninteresting. Un appealing for me. :3

      Still thumbs Uppy for me ~

    • Cthulhu Realms is basically a trading card game, what intrigued me the most is the impressive card design. There’s also quite a bit of humor in this game so if humor is something you look for in games definitely try this.

    • Decent card game it’s look pretty average as i played different card games.

    • Ehh i really hate card games idk why but if you do love one like this then you should try it 3/5

    • Very fun and dark card game. It’s all about trying to stay sane. It’s pretty crazy yet fun and entertaining. For a card game I think it was made quite well. Not all card games are that interesting just because they are rather boring and don’t have a ton of content but I think this game does quite well. I rate it 4/5.

    • Cthulhu Realms is an interesting card game. The idea of it is to make your opponent insane with different cards you have at your disposal. You can also win by just being more sane than your opponent when you ran out of cards. There are 3 different card types: initiates, goons and followers which you are going to be using. This game look decent and works gameplay-wise. I will give it 4 stars!

    • Cthulu Realms is a really fun strategy card game. I feel like it’s one of those games where if you wanted to play a tabletop game without the whole physical setup and shuffling of cards, you could do so at the convenience of an online game. Really great card artwork, and the game’s objective is kind of similar to Arkham Horror in some ways, especially with sanity being an important attribute in this game. You can have so much endless fun with this game, and the other great thing is it’s supported on various devices which adds even more convenience. Overall, I’d give this game a 4.75/5.

  • Screenshot:

    Game Description:

    Crown and Council is a turn-based strategy video game where player control nation and fight vs other nations. Map is separated on areas, more areas u control more income […]

    • Crown and Council is a decent and older turn based strategy video game,it has retro graphic and gameplay is interesting,I suggest this game everybody

    • Crown and Council is an solid game which can be enjoyable sometimes.But when you play game for a while you get bored by it.I would suggest this game and I’ll give 3/5 to this game only ’cause of few interesting things,that’s all.

    • Dont like this game,graphic is somehow outdated,gameplay is nothing special,so,dont recommend it

    • It’s solid but enjoyable game, which i find very interesting.
      Worth spending time on, i recommend it.

    • Nice Oldie game… Welp ive played games like this before.. but i havent tried this one… i guess its cool… must try guys… 😛

    • Nice old game concept the game will get boring from time to time tho the graphics arent really good for a pixelated game (there are games that has better graphics even if its pixelated) 3/5

    • Crown and Council is a casual strategy game with short sessions. It relies too heavily on RNG factor for me to enjoy it tho.

    • Quite fun for a time for an olderish strategy game. It has some nice aspects to it and some not as nice. The graphics just barely get by and the game play is interesting, not sure if it’s good but it’s interesting. If you want to check it out then you can but I wouldn’t really suggest it to anyone. My rating is 3.5/5.

    • Crown and Council is a turn based strategy game. You can create your own army, build towers and defensive structures to reach your victory! That victory is achieved by eliminating all other nations which can be a challenge for sure. The game pixel graphics which are pretty simple and clean. This game is going to get at least 3 stars.

    • It’s a pretty good strategy game, though probably not good as Mojang’s other strategy game Caller’s Bane. But Crown and Counncil was a game created in a game jam after all, plus it’s a free game on Steam, so I can’t really complain there. I do like that Crown and Council tries to stay simple with its artwork; kind of gives it a more retro look. And I would say that this game is somewhat comparable to Risk. Overall, I’d give this game a 4/5.

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