The leading action tank game versus the top online shooter.

The Match-Up

The third match of the first round pits two very popular leading games that could both be considered shooters. Actually, these two leading games share a few similarities such as both being team multiplayer games that have enjoyed years of success on top and both being involved heavily in eSports. Their business models are different, but make no mistake that these two super heavyweights are not far off from each other. In fact, World of Tanks wins only in the multiplayer mode by a hair because it is the more innovative of the two. The three categories that follow, however, are not so close as CS:GO is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world.

Tale of the Tape

World of Tanks

World of TanksFree to play.
Team-based multiplayer.
Successful for years.
Has a dedicated forum on
One of the most popular games on Twitch.
Great game for competition.
Is not on Steam.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


$14.99 on Steam.
One of the popular games on Steam.
One of the most popular games in the world.
Successful for years.
Has a dedicated forum on
One of the most popular games on Twitch.
Great game for competition.

Select Comments For World of Tanks

Rating: 10
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: I really like playing World of tanks (WoT) becouse I like the various tanks that there are from different countries and each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. You can play in many different types of battle (company battle, random battle…). There are also lots of maps which is graphically really nice. Inside your tanks you’ve got your crew which you can train (the bigger percent the better your crew will be driving/shooting) and after they reach 100% you will be awarded to take a perk. I think that the best nation to start with are Soviet nation and at that nation you build up to KV tanks. Also you can play german tanks at which I reccomend you take tank Hetzer and then build up to stronger tiers of tanks. Nothing else to say then 10/10 🙂

Rating: 7
Author: Hawx1990SRBIJA
Comment: World of tanks or WoT in short is popular online free to play game, in which there are only armored tracked vehicles.
There are 3 classes of tanks: Light, medium and heavy. Their name tell you the thickness of armor and power of guns, but manoeuvrability and speed of each class too.
There are SPGs and TDs in the game too.
SPG stands for Self Propelled Gun or in simple words artillery on vehicles. SPGs have big guns (high valoue of dmg) and they function in diferent mode than tanks.
TDs are Tank destroyers, they have powerful guns but they are slow and dnot have turret in most cases.
Game is played in 15 vs 15 random players. Match making engine puts tanks up to 2 lvl in difference and game has won by killing all enemy tanks or capturing the enemy base.
All in all game gets 7 from me.

Rating: 9
Author: FoxWMB
Comment: There are countless MMO games around, but none is like World of Tanks. And it’s not just cause no other game allows you to play around with tanks like WoT does, it’s pretty much cause this game has something for everyone?

You like quick action? Press the battle button and you’re in a 15vs15 fight within a minute!
You prefer a more strategic approach? Join a clan and plot your conquest of Europe or Africa with countless other players and clans, or perhaps start your own clan and make a team together with your friends.
You’re bored of repetitive gameplay that other MMO’s provide? WoT is for you, you’ll almost never end up in a similar battle as the previous one, thanks to the fact that every of the 200+ currently available tanks is unique, and WoT matchmaker will never put together the same kind of battle twice in a row. Sure you may end up seeing exactly the same lineup of tanks once in a 1000 games, but that really does not classify as repetitive, does it 🙂

Tired of paying for your MMO’s? Well you won’t have to pay anything at WoT, it’s completely free to play, though you could choose to pay for premium bonuses if you wish, none of them are necessary and the advantages they provide in a battle are extremely minimal. Their true advantages are in faster progress through the tech tree, but as previously mentioned, if you don’t wanna pay, you don’t have to, you’ll still be able to enjoy the game completely.

Tired of cheaters in games? You won’t find any at WoT since all the calculations are done server side, and in order to hack that, you have to be a damn damn good hacker, and that good hackers tend to be employed by intelligence agencies for things much more important than cheating in an online game 😉

Is the game perfect? Nope, it isn’t, and that’s why it’s constantly improving, with new patches coming out every month or 2, adding new fixes and game content, so even when there is some problem with the game, you can count on it being sorted out rather soon.

Do you have to be a tank lover to enjoy this game? Absolutely not, countless people that don’t know even a slightest thing about tanks are playing this game and having loads of fun right now while you’re reading this, this isn’t a tank simulator game, this is just a extremely nicely done online MMO with something for everyone, no matter what your age or interests might be, you will not regret playing WoT

This game currently deserves 9 out of 10, but if it keeps improving like it currently does, very soon it’ll reach 10 out of 10. It wasn’t always a 9 as well, but through constant development, it got there, will you be there to see it develop to 10 out of 10? 🙂

Select Comments for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Rating: 10
Author: axwellshm
Comment: The game which took my money out of my pocket and get payed to the Steam. I am going to say something about this game. Alright so this review is based on one of the most popular games in the world. The first Counter Strike took thousands, milions of people to go crazy, but this, this is what I like to call perfection. A game that is nothing else but the whole new level of older Counter Strike with so much improvements not just in graphics, in shooting, in sounds. Evolved to the new level.

Rating: 10
Author: brankomiljus20
Comment: Just start playing it, many maps are a bit different then cs 1.6 but am so amazed with details on them. Shooting is not same as before and need lots of time to get use to. Like graphic, especially, weapons, characters. Best CS so far.

Rating: 9
Author: NeSsQQuiCk
Comment: In my opinion the most fun FPS shooter out there it has a great esports scene and it is fun to play especially with friends :).

The Showdown

Cheaper to Play = World of Tanks

Better Multiplayer = World of Tanks

More Popular = Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Better User Created Content = Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Better for Livestreams/Videos = Counter-Strike Global Offensive

World of Tanks received a total score of 2
Counter-Strike Global Offensive received a total score of 3

The Result

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Wins!


  1. World of Tanks to me is one of the best online shooter games ever created. I mean I don’t even like PvP online shooter games and I still sunk over 1000 games into WoT. It’s slower but very tactical gameplay falls more into the “thinking mans game” category than “twitch” gameplay that dominates the online shooter genre. It’s not a game for those that lack some patience, it’s all about reading the other team, calculated gambles and teamwork to put yourself in the right positions. If you rush in you will be killed, no amount of skill can save you from that. The old joke about WoT is “your in a tank but you hide in bush”… it’s very true. It’s a game of picking your spots. Remember the other team has tanks too.

    Knowledge is king in this game. The more you know about the other tanks and your own, the better equipped you will be. Thankfully most tanks share similar weak spots, like a flat spot is a flat spot… it’s a good idea to shoot the flat spot! However some get a lot more tricky and your gun might not always be up to par… knowing that before you start firing is key. Firing by yourself on someone you can’t or can barely pen usually ends bad but if you wait for your team and the right time you can be a distraction, draw their attention, shoot out the tracks etc while the big guns take them out.

    The largest gripe about WoT is how much of a team sport it really is. You get a few players that get themselves killed with no damage and it can really hurt your chances (hey bad games happen, I’m not saying that)… but it really does leave the match in jeopardy and sometimes you really can’t do anything about it. Players tend to get very salty about this, toxicity starts to seep in and they can get quite nasty. I wouldn’t say it’s any where near say LoL but it’s a PvP game, it will always have jerks.

    The single most important thing anyone playing or looking to get into WoT should always keep in mind is “keep your gun in the game”. It’s as simple as that.

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  2. I would go for WoT over cs go,even I have been cs player the last couple of years.Why? I will tell you why.Counter strike as game requires only time,and you will master it. Simply,if you don’t know how to play with awp,you take it in 100 games,and you will learn it,ofc some time has to pass,but if you are persistent,you will succeed.
    WoT is a lot different,a looot different.First of all,which I like the most,it is strategy. You can’t take tank and rush to the enemies and win round(as you can in cs,how many times have you seen 5 enemies rushed long on dd2 and won the round),you have to think. There are a lot of different tanks for every type of player(playstyle).There are tanks which are best from long distances,there are scouts,artillery,heavies,and mix tanks. You have to know all advantages and disadvantages of your tank,but of other tanks,also. Enemies and allies,you have to think on five different things in every single moment,on every potential situation where you could be put in.It is more team based game,maybe you have to be patience but I have bigger smile when I won some impossible round in WoT where I outwitted enemies than when I aced enemy team on B site. Those games can’t be compared,WoT wins in almost every aspects,only cs advantage is that game finishes faster,but if you call that an advantage,then okay.
    Only real advantage is pay to win,in really high tiers in WoT,one who has gold ammo will win,cs doesn’t have those things.
    Main thing is that you have to use your brain for WoT,cs can be mastered by anyone.
    Only reason I don’t play WoT actively is because I don’t have friends who play it.
    And about streams things,it is well known that the people are laziest and most impatient,superficial creatures on the world,so why would them watch some battles of tanks instead of “exciting” counter strike,lets learn some wallbangs!!
    I don’t agree with you ogre that a CS GO is better.

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  3. When we talk about World of tanks vs Counter strike global offensive I must say both of this games are good and popular.
    My choice would be Counter strike : GO , dont get me wrong I still think World of tanks is good and fun game to play but I am watching this from competitive / matchmaking aspect and thats why I think cs:go has advantage.
    I always prefered set amount of 5 people per team when we talk about competitive games ( I played COD2 competitive for few years and attended some lans).Basically microtransactions doesnt play any role in this game ( unlike in WoT) and each player can buy any weapon they like ( depending on their preformance and money their team made).This game also have recoil meaning you just cant spam your bullets to kill someone but actually pay attention to it.Competitive and matchmaking games are played on competitive mode that is based on won rounds.CS:GO runs in short rounds that ends when you eliminate oposite team or objective is completed ( bomb planted/defused).You gain money when you kill enemy or wining round ( you also get some money if you loose).After 15 rounds you switch to oposite side and witchever team reaches 16 rounds wins the game.Game has a lot of maps to choose from and with steam workshop and custom servers you will find something interesting if you get bored of older maps 🙂
    If you are not into matchmaking this game offers a few other gaming modes : classic ,, arms race,deathmatch,demolition.
    On other side we have World of tanks.Like I already said its really good game but from matchmaking angle I think its lacking from cs:go.World of tanks offers a large amount of tanks from different countries ( USA,Germany,China,USSR,France,UK,Japan).Each tank comes with some advantages but also with disadvantages.Tanks also comes with tiers so you can choose from light,medium and heavy tanks.
    Becouse of lot of choises you can see that tactics and strategy comes into play.
    Ok when we come to matchmaking its 15 vs 15 with random players.This is where „premium“ aka microtransactions come into play.With real life money you can buy yourself premium tank that are stronger and better and also ammunition for them.So crew with premium ammo and tank net you advantage that you cant deny and making things in my view is not balanced.Also keep in mind you gain income from every game but also keep in mind tank repair and ammo cost adds up and credits are mostly used on that.Other than that maps are big and really did a good job with them.
    So once again my favourite is CS:GO , pay once and dont worry ( not really much and also this game goes on sales almost all the time on stream) offers good competitive mod for players into matcmaking.
    WoT on other hand is really fun game and offers a lot of hours having fun but sadly I never liked „pay to progress“ model and my votes goes to CS:GO.

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  4. Both of this games are really awesome, they have their pros and cons but what i like the most in World of tanks is that you have alot of tanks to play, really good teamwork is needed and strategy how to win an opponent….One small mistake can decide entire game which is very team based while CS GO is FPS game which also requires strategy and teamwork there is much funnier at least to me because there are alot types of gameplay, either is search and destroy alot mods with parkour and alot possibilities make at least for me CS:GO a little better game….
    Since i am a great fan of Call of duty franchise i alot more love this kind of FPS where you go with weapons and guns killing enemies also dying like that makes it better than World of tanks, when you die there in World of Tanks you make it alot harder for your team but you can play another game which is not that big trouble…Where in CS:GO you constantly are getting ressurected and countinuing that gameplay in the same game….World of tanks is made to be pay to win you must give money to get a better tank, good players are limited for number of tanks which i dont like that…Only those who pay can be strong which is very stupid that’s another reason i like more CS GO….
    So that’s all i told my opinions on this for me CS:GO is better than World of Tanks !!!

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  5. This wont be hard to choose at least for me because I am definitely choosing Cs:Go over WOT,only thing which is good for Wot it is because it is free

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