Gaming is big, on average close to £2.5 billion is spent on online gaming sites such as in the UK. The diversity of different software and the convenience of gaming from any device will drive online gaming to great heights of popularity. However, most players are not aware of how rewarding and enjoyable gaming can be, if fatal mistakes are avoided. Below is a list of fatal mistakes that could wreck your gaming experience. Read on to find out how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Playing Beyond Your Limits

The fatal sin of gaming has to be playing beyond your limits. Only the player can be able to determine their limits. The first step is to identify what your boundaries are, once you clearly define your limits, follow them to the letter.

Count your money before you start and know how much can be played with. In addition to this identify how much time can be spent playing games, this is of key importance but is often ignored by gamers. Once your time is up shut down your devices or walk out the door. Lastly, determine your play levels and choose games that suit your criteria.

Most gamers end up spending money they can’t afford to lose as stated in The Guardian, this could be finances set aside for basic essentials or any other needs. They also spend too much time playing games, time that would have gone to more productive activities, work or family. Similarly, they spend time gaming in games that don’t match up to their current skill level. 

Picture this, if you walk into a restaurant and are really hungry, at that moment you basically want to eat everything, but this is a real sense can’t happen. You will be forced to narrow down your choices to one or two items in the menu. The same case applies to gaming, just because the games are available and you have the money, time and energy you can’t just be impulsive in decision making. Adopt discipline and pace your actions just so you can maximize your experience.

Mistake #2: Being Unfamiliar with Games

Due to the crazy competition from the hundreds of online games available, perks or freebies are often used to entice gamers to visit specific sites. These perks can make your visit quite rewarding. However, one wouldn’t rush to a shoe store and purchase an electronic device without checking the specs and the purchase agreement. The same should apply to games especially the online ones.

As a gamer, the first step should be read through the terms and understand how each one is applied. There are so many perks available from games. The different games have varying options, for example, Game A’s perks may be totally different from Game B’s perks.

Having a better understanding of the options to choose from, will ensure you choose the most suitable in your case. Read through the fine prints and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What requirements are needed?
  • How can one redeem perks or free codes etc?
  • What limits have been set on using perks?

Make an informed decision that is based on much more than the flashy advertisement attached.

Mistake #3 : Lack of Understanding Basic Strategy

Online games are classified into two categories: the ones that require teamwork and those that do not. RPG games fall under the latter category. The results of these games based on mere luck and the outcome of the random number generator. This means that you will have absolutely no control over your wins or losses. However, in other game categories, one can influence the outcomes easily.

A great example would be games which fall under the skill category as listed on Reddit. One can’t control teamates efficiently, but you can play a key role in making decisions such as how to advance which could affect your winning chances. Games often require basic strategy. You should at least have some skills or experience in the field so as to improve your success chances. You can learn the rules from the internet or from the online game itself. Once you have understood them, try out the game to sharpen your skills. As you get better, you can advance to play at much higher levels.


  1. Well most people do start off playing a game, being unfamiliar with the game at first, and it’s especially true with a game series that they haven’t played before. Sure, some concepts of a genre may carry over from one game over to another game, but there’s still things to explore in an unfamiliar game, and even tutorials and guides can be useful if you can’t figure things out.

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