Card games may seem old-fashioned and outdated, but their ever-rising popularity proves the fascination they hold for gamers everywhere. One of the reasons for this tendency is the fact that they pose a challenge to players, allowing them to measure their skills against equally powerful opponents with nothing but pure game play.

Since they turned their regular paperback format into a fully optimized online experience, it was a matter of time before they became available on mobile. With Android being one of the leading OS for mobile devices, it is handy to have in mind some of the best card games to have with you when you’re on the go.

  • Gin Rummy Plus

Being one of the most widely known card games ever, it didn’t take much for this release to gain its momentum. Players at the Gin Rummy Plus’ tables can go live and challenge anyone, anywhere, or invite their acquaintances to an official challenge.

Inside the game, you can choose between table levels and perfect your skills gradually. You will know when you’ve improved, as the game also awards coins based solely on your player status and progress.

  • Euchre Free

This Android card game has a simple set of rules – four players divided in two teams of two play short rounds called tricks. The point is to play one card at a time and have the highest one in order to collect everyone else’s. The team feature allows you to consult with the player and choose cards accordingly.

  • Hearthstone

Card game enthusiasts are often reluctant to learn how to play due to the fact that they relate it to the real money challenge of eSports. While there are many different online platforms, the reliable guidelines at confirm the need for practice online. Hearthstone lives up to and surpasses the industry standards, guaranteeing you will be prepared for real competition in no time. It features excellent mobile functionality and a smooth interface offering both tournaments and normal games.

  • Card Crawl

This game is offered in four different game modes, with each one offering a short yet exciting game play experience. It may not suit those who want to fully immerse into the storyline, but the Google Play integrated leader board is bound to get you motivated to achieve greater success.

Basically, what you need to do is unlock ability cards and afterwards dungeons, all in order to form your card decks.

This game does seem to get a lot of popularity for its theme, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks any other crucial qualities like a smooth appearance and competitiveness. The latter is further related to the social quality of the game – mixed together, they transform this card game app into a full source of entertainment. You will need to pay for this card game before downloading it from the Play Store, but it is bound to be worth the price tag of about $3.


  1. Pretty good variety. If I had to mention a mobile game that ought to make the list, I’d probably recommend the Exploding Kittens Mobile App, which is based on the physical card game, plus the app’s been around since 2016.

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