The rise of the first zombie themes and franchises inspired by such motifs dates nearly three decades up until today. Like rarely any other trend, it managed to spread its popularity with great speed and efficiency, managing to cover more than one medium at a time. Nowadays, there are all kinds of releases – comics, movies, books and video games alike – all based on the undead.

Aside from the longstanding popularity, a lot of things in the zombie video game industry have changed throughout the years. Graphics and overall game quality has drastically improved throughout the years, thus provoking changes in other aspects. As a result, the following list contains instances of video games intended as reminiscence to retro elements, while others are fully oriented at providing a top modern experience.

Infectonator: World Dominator

Starting with a blast from the past, the World Dominator is a rather simple, yet evergreen-type of zombie video game. Nowadays, gaming enthusiasts are more likely to need CasinoBet’s guidance to a good table than zombie lovers who wouldn’t mind playing the game online.

Its game play is somewhat reverse – instead of fighting these zombies and trying to save what’s left of the human race, players are set to infect the world with a zombie virus.

The Walking Dead

The Telltale video game of The Walking Dead franchise that includes a comic and a TV series is the definite opposite of the previous title. Its realistic design and completely immersive storyline further emphasize the effect of the characters. These are separate from the ones you already know from the small screens, but no less amazing.

Resident Evil

The original release by Capcom known as Resident Evil soon became a model for its unique survival genre and earned itself a spot in zombie video game history. No matter whether you played as Chris or Jill, you would have been in a terrifying situation sooner or later, trapped in a mansion filled with all kinds of zombies open to embrace their cannibalistic urges.

The Last of Us

So far the most recent release on the list of ultimate best zombie video games, The Last of Us by Naughty Dog transcends this concept and is nowadays considered among gaming classics. This is so due to overall amazing game play it provides – quality graphics, sounds, storyline and characters, as well as the underlying zombie effect. Joel and Ellie lead the way through the zombie-filled action on screen, but provide players with much more meaning than just a direct fight experience.

Left 4 Dead 2

In the role of one of four survivors from a zombie pandemic, Left 4 Dead 2 requires you to go through five campaigns in search for the safe house. With its multiplayer co-op setup and a pulsating atmosphere, it’s surprising there are DLCs to add something to the game play. The first two are called The Passing and The Sacrifice, connecting the storyline to Left 4 Dead, while the third – Cold Steam – adds all the maps from the original to the current version.