In Dota, the Collector’s Aegis is a unique bronze-plated alloy replica of the renowned International Champions reward, scaled down to one-fifth of the original size. Dota 2 TI12 compendium has made getting a collectible Aegis more accessible than ever due to the requirement falling from 1000 levels to 300 levels. This means you can get one even if you’re a beginner player. Here are five heroes in Dota 2 that are easy to learn to play for beginners and powerful to help you become a better gamer and collect the prestigious item:

1.   Sven

Sven, known as the rogue knight, is a lethal carry hero renowned for his ability to unleash devastating physical damage, propelling him to become one of the game’s most frequently picked carry heroes. His toolkit empowers him to either immobilize your opponents or charge toward them with heightened mobility, ensuring they have no escape from his attack. Sven can immobilize enemies with his Storm Hammer, stunning multiple units within an area, enabling him to mow your enemies while incapacitated.

His versatile toolkit enables him to overcome and restrain even the most resilient opponents. At the same time, his farming capabilities and item progression allow him to secure a substantial advantage as the match advances. Sven’s capacity to single-handedly take on entire teams, especially during the late game, transforms him into a formidable adversary for weaker opponents. His strength lies in his ability to confront multiple heroes simultaneously without faltering, with items such as Satanic, Daedalus, and his exceptional physical damage.

2.   Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is an excellent support hero for beginners, irrespective of the current gaming meta. She can be paired effectively with any carry hero, and their lane combination often secures victory. Crystal Maiden has spells that your opponents will hate, offering good AoE (Area of Effect) damage and lockdown to dominate heroes with low magic resistance.

Your opponents will frequently endure relentless attacks during the laning phase, forcing them out of the lane. Crystal Maiden becomes more impactful as she gains levels, enabling you to use her in team fights. Her global mana regeneration allows you to help your allied heroes with mana despite where they are on the map.

Her simplicity as a support hero sets Crystal Maiden apart, contributing to her high pick rate. She can catch her enemies off-guard with Frost Bite and unleash Frost Nova, making her an exceptional laner and a dominant combatant, capable of countering multiple heroes at once with her potent area-of-effect damage. Her toolkit remains lethal throughout the game, and all it takes is one well-timed spell to catch unsuspecting enemies off-guard.

3.   Lion

Lion is a support hero with remarkable adaptability, making him an exceptional pick in the current meta. If you’re a beginner or a professional, you will find Lion effective in every skill required. Lion has an extensive spell cast range, and his array of spells allows him to disable enemies while inflicting damage, establishing his strength right from the early game when combined with his team’s damage output.

During the laning phase, Lion is a formidable opponent, capable of draining enemy mana, transforming them into vulnerable frogs, and rendering them largely ineffective. His ultimate, Finger of Death, delivers significant burst damage, increasing potency as he accumulates kills, potentially allowing him to eliminate opponents in a single shot during the game’s later stages.

4.   Riki

Riki, known as the silent assassin, has a history of conquering realms and effortlessly destroying his opponents. His unmatched agility and knack for remaining concealed make him invisible to most players. Beginners often find themselves mystified by his ability to stay hidden, while professional players regard him as the quintessential carry hero.

When coupled with appropriate lane support, Riki transforms into an unstoppable enemy, swiftly eliminating his enemies after securing a few early kills. His invisibility, incredibly fascinating to beginners, is his most captivating trait. Riki frequently takes advantage of his Blink Strike in the early game, stealthily traversing other lanes and ambushing unsuspecting foes with lethal precision.

However, Riki’s potential as a carry hero isn’t solely reliant on his abilities; it flourishes when the correct items are acquired. Items like the Diffusal Blade enable Riki to bolster his physical damage output and mana-burn his opponents, draining their mana reserves and slowing them down. Including an Abyssal Blade provides him with extra control and lockdown, facilitating the easy stun and immobilization of enemies. The combination of these items propels Riki into an invincible force.

5.   Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin is renowned for her ruthless damage. With her ability to effortlessly cut down enemies and give significant physical damage, she is a threat from the beginning of the match, often proving fatal to most heroes. The limited mobility of her opponents makes it an easy task for Phantom Assassin to close in on them and defeat them easily. Her agility also allows her to farm efficiently, and her damage escalates significantly in the late game as she accumulates more items and secures additional kills.

Phantom Assassin has gained notoriety in the recent meta for quickly destroying vulnerable support heroes with just a few blows. Her actions are marked by agility and silence, characteristic of an assassin, making her one of the most frequently chosen carry heroes due to the simplicity of her abilities.

Phantom Assassin possesses remarkable base movement and attack speed, attributes rarely found in a carry hero. Although her spells might appear unimpressive in the early game, as she progresses into the late game, even a single Stifling Dagger can wield substantial power.


Getting a Collector’s Aegis in Dota 2 has become easier than ever before. One of the best heroes you can use to improve your gameplay to pass 300 levels and earn the Collector’s Aegis is Sven, who immobilizes his enemies with his Storm Hammer, allowing you to kill them while they are frozen.

Crystal Maiden has great spells like Frost Bite and Frost Nova, which enable her to fight multiple enemies simultaneously. Lion is a mighty hero due to his numerous powers, like Finger of Death, which eliminates all enemies in one shot. Riki is excellent at defeating other beginner levels because he can be invisible to most players. Phantom Assassin works in silence and with agility, killing enemies with a few hits.