No doubt, with the advent of 4K technology, nowadays graphics in the sector of digital games is reaching at the top with each passing day. Yes! Gone are the days when computer game characters used to have those typical square hands. Now, with the improvement of graphics, some of the latest games got such a realistic look that it becomes tough to believe that it’s not the footage of real people that are in front of your eyes.

Also, there are many upcoming games in the queue which are going to land in the market very soon with some of the fantastic graphics. And, this is not the end! You can grab new gaming offers from game retailers to save huge while buying such games.

Want to know what are those superb games? Then, here is a brief run-down of the same. Just have a look!

  1. Battlefield 1

It is one of the latest computerized games in the market now. The concept of the game covers the dreary and thrilling scenario of first world war. Just like other multi-platform games, you will get the most out of this game while playing in a fantastic gaming PC. Also, this game look merely excellent on PS4 Pro support offers checkerboarded 4K and higher frame rates.


  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

It is one of the most exceptional PS4 exclusives which looks best on the consoles with an amalgamation of bright and expressive facial animation and the vast open world. This game has everything just ‘The Best’! It can be anything starting from the lively animated hairs to the dazzling storms lighting up the sky; everything just looks out of the world! You’ll decide to play it again and again especially if you have a PS4 Pro.


  1. Forza Horizon 3

Yes! Racing games are always gorgeous, but Forza Horizon 3 has taken the whole story just to the next level while taking on the races across Australia. The game realistically brings various environments- like cities, beaches, rainforests, etc. in life. Also, there is a vibrant display of some of the most astonishing effects like dust kicking up and rain sprinkling on the windscreen.


  1. Destiny

Destiny is one of the rarest games in the market with premium quality game graphics. It is too compelling as gameplay, but it is nothing but the game aesthetics that makes it stand out. It is because of the technical accomplishments like frame-rates and resolutions as well as the brilliant art designs this game has come up with such astounding features.


  1. Crysis 3

It might not be the newest game in the market because Crysis 3 was released on 2013. But, the graphics of this game hold up even now after all this time. It has some of the most complex and dynamic lightings that will keep on attracting you always. Also, the shadows and high-res textures are something that looks fabulous!


So, if great graphics is something that attracts you mostly towards video games, then you should just give a try to one among the ones above. I am sure you will end up having one of the most exhilarating experiences of your lifetime. And, last but not the least, you will definitely come back again and again to these games!


  1. Pretty good diversity of games. It’s pretty common to see games with superb graphics all using a common engine such as Unreal Engine 4 since that one’s the most popular, but most of these games just use different engines. For instance, Battlefield 1 uses Frostbite 3 as its engine, Destiny uses its own engine, and Crysis 3 uses CryEngine 3.

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