There is increasing pressure on game developers regarding work input, speed, and others, from game companies and for this to be achieved, game developers need to be motivated through reward bonuses. While most online games offer gamers and users a no deposit signup bonuses, there is still the need to offer the game developers and designers bonuses. Reward bonuses create a positive impact on game developers through a source of motivation and a sense of value it gives. This, in turn, causes an increased productivity which is of advantage to the company and also customers satisfaction is as well achieved.

Bonuses are extra income usually paid at the end of the year. This income is based on individual work, the performance of staff and profit accrued to a company like best roulette systems. It is a monetary form of appreciation from a company to her staff for their contribution. For reward bonuses to game developers, certain factors should be brought into consideration.

Quality of games

Quality is key to defining whether a game is of a high or low standard which has effects on bonus pool. On this basis, the quality of production can be determined through  Metacritic rating. Game developers are judged based on Metacritic score. The bonus pool is usually proportional to its success on Metacritic rating. The thing about Metacritic scores is that for consumers, it gives them the insight to make the decision to purchase. So, with high aggregate score games relishes also reciprocates on the bonus pool for game developers

Punctuality on games

Failure to deliver games on time not only hampers relationship of publishers but also declines bonuses. Keeping a team to work on a project for a time longer than necessary can bring a financial woe. The cost of an on-time bonus is always smaller than the cost of the project over time. With this principle, the bonus decreases with an increase in the time of completion of the project. You can get your development team to be punctual when it comes to the delivering of your games.

Stick to your word

Most times bonuses do not get the intended effect on staff and customers due to what you may call irregularities and not fulfill the promised bonuses. To make your bonus work, the terms and conditions must be clearly defined, and nothing should be hidden. In this way, you can gain the trust of your customers and workers, who will put in their best in the case of workers to ensure all games are promptly delivered.

Minimal risk rewards

It is a known fact that a happy staff brings more profit and value to the company. Royalties are also meant for the staff that worked it out. If the company is making millions then the team that makes it work also deserves something as an incentive in return. This is important because when no royalties are earned, you are going to pay nothing because your development team is aware of the situation.


  1. Great article, I also look at the metacritic score and critical reception of games before I buy them, not only games but for music as well. It’s not the only thing I look at but it comes into the equation.

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