Modern students can not imagine their life without computer games. They just jump in them with both feet and rarely remember to devote time to the real world. If you think that it’s impossible to find games to help you study, you are mistaken. Some games will not be a waste of time, because, in addition to an interesting story, they contain information that will be useful both in life and at the university. In this article, we will tell you about 5 computer games that will arouse interest in biology, physics, English and other subjects.

  1. Bad Piggies Teaches Physics

In each level, you are offered a set of components that you need to build some mechanism: a cart, or an aircraft that is kept in the air by propellers, or balloons. If the machine is well-designed, it will reach the finish line marked with a flag. The game Bad Piggies will give an intuitive understanding of the laws of physics.

  1. Learn English With Scribblenauts Remix

There are a lot of games that help you learn English. But Scribblenauts Remix belongs to games that encourage the learning of a lot of words while requiring almost no knowledge in the language structures. The main thing you will need is a dictionary. A player writes the name of any object and it appears in the game world and begins to interact with the outside world. It can be a table, chair, lamp, clothes, motorcycle, and so on. Your character can wear those clothes and ride the bike. Scribblenauts Remix includes tasks with the texts you will have to translate from English. Over time, using this game, you’ll need nobody to write your papers instead of you, and you’ll stop searching for “Who can be in charge of writing an essay for me?”.

  1. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft With Mental Arithmetic

The game has a set of cards and a time limit, so you need to make decisions quickly. If you want to win this game, you need to have good logical thinking and calculate all the options in your mind. A player has to add, subtract and multiply the numbers written on the cards as there is no time to use a calculator. Since the game lasts no more than 10-15 minutes, you’ll have time to have a good dinner and do your homework or look for academic writing help to have more spare time.

  1. Spore Tells You About Evolution

In this game, everyone can create his own organism and lead it as long as evolution continues. At first, you have only one cell that floats in the world’s ocean and tries to eat those who are smaller and escape from those who are bigger. Later, it starts splitting, and over time it grows into a more complex organism. At each stage, a player can determine the future creature’s appearance. In an editor, you can add fins, thorns, and so on. Then the organism goes to land, begins to hunt in packs, and becomes smarter.

  1. Human Resource Machine Teaches Programming

One more game for studying Human Resource Machine. It teaches programming as close to reality as possible. Instead of learning teams of languages such as Basic or Pascal, the developers of the game offer to learn the principles of the computer. The conveyors on the left and right of the screen are input and output, and the area in the middle is analogous to the processor registers. You’ll like this game!


  1. Very basic games for studying. They probably wouldn’t help much with getting through studies of more advanced concepts, so I really see these games being more suitable for younger kids that are especially unenthused with learning; like maybe a kid isn’t interested in learning biology, but playing Spore sparks interest in learning biology.

    If you really want the best games for studying, I think the simulation genre is the best genre for that. For instance, I know some physics students that play with Universe Sandbox, when they’re stuck on physics homework, and playing this game kind of jogs their mind.

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