The road to being a successful gamer is long and winding. In this guide we aim to offer a shortcut that was shown to us by gaming professionals and esports analysts. They are mainly meant as a response to many of your questions, such as “how to win in esports” or “how to win money” this guide aims to assist you to make your first steps in the fascinating world of online gaming. Make sure that you pay heed to the following tips as you are sure to find important info to start earning money from playing games.

Have an account on many sites

The most useful and important tips for successful gaming are not always match oriented. A player must know a number of things before he even starts to play. Having an account on more than one game site is one of them. Because if you want to know how to play successfully, you must be ready to exploit everything. Given that the competition between game sites is fierce you may see big differences. You can find the world’s most trustworthy brands on our full list of bookmakers and pick those that best cover your needs.

Follow Esports

If you have followed the previous step, there is one last thing to do. Open an account on an esports site. “But I already have a few gaming accounts. What’s the use of another one” you may ask. First of all, you’ll get the best results because there is no commission here. Secondly, you can play as much as you can win literally on every match you wish, without the fear that the site will close. And of course if you consider yourself an experienced gamer, you can act as a professional gamer as long as you have the necessary means. So if the real question is “Can you make money from gaming?” the obvious answer is “yes, but you should have an esports account”.

Stick to one esport and few leagues

Most players are looking for successful strategies, so they could make some profit from online gaming. Truth be told there are as many different strategies as there are players. In the end nearly everyone just picks his own. But the very common base of every strategy is one and it unquestionable. Don’t mess around with too many esports or leagues. You simply can’t be knowledgeable about every team and player. Remember that your purpose is to find those easy games to win money not overcomplicate stuff. By gaining expertise in one esport and just a few leagues you have the time and the means to know all the needed stats, information and reports that will help you make your final decision. Remember that we are not just passing the time. There are plenty of other ways to spend your time, gaming should be considered as a wise investment of your time and money.

Probability of success

How can I be good at esports gaming? You have to understand and start using some terms and practices. Probability of success is one of them. So how is it important in gaming? Basically, you improve your chance at success by practicing your game of choice as much as possible. 

Keep a record

Another common question that gamers make is “how to be the best at esports playing”. This is not easy to answer it as there are many things to take into consideration and they affect your game performance. But you have to start somewhere. So the very first thing you should do before every gaming session is to prepare a spreadsheet in which you’ll write down all your playtime in as much detail as possible. In that manner, you’ll always have everything in control so you can change or adjust your strategy. In addition, you can always correct your mistakes. Two wrongs won’t make a right, but they will surely enough hurt your standing in professional gaming. 

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