Every devoted player with a thirst for adrenaline knows that it is never enough. No matter what type of content you prefer, adventure is the must-have ingredient for the experience.

One of the best ways to really immerse yourself in the action and truly become a part of it is playing games. The gaming stratosphere is enormous and offers endless possibilities for all those who dare to search, but – the only point is to know where to search.

If you look to expand your list of interests and find games that are a perfect blend of adrenaline, entertainment, and profitability, the suggested games that follow are definitely going to suit you.

There are several types of content that you can try out, but they are all connected by the same thing: they bring out the rush.


We tend to steer away from the mainstream, but sometimes you really can’t escape it. A former game producer at Epic Games, Rod Fergusson, commented on his attempt to cancel the game. Fortnite seemed to be unstoppable. Fergusson admitted having tried to call Fortnite off, underlining that it would have never passed his bar. However, the founder of the company, Tim Sweeney, begged to differ. In a recent interview for The Wall Street Journal, the Epic Games CEO called the release “one of the greatest moments in Epic’s history”.

Originally launched in 2017 under Fortnite: Save the World, the title was followed by two companion games – Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative. This shooter-survival adventure lets you live through a different, versatile experience every time you join it.

LoL/DotA 2

Hold up. Did we just mention members of two opposite camps? Yes, we did, because it is high time the two saw eye to eye. Before you call this action a deadly sin, hear us out. The fact of the matter is that the two games share quite a bunch of similar traits. They both stem from the same map framework and are both MOBAs. Furthermore, they have the core idea and values in common, and appeal to their respective player base in a more or less same way. All this makes them two sides of the same coin, for they indeed have certain differences. League of Legends lacks denying; DotA is in this sense a bit more ruthless. Another key discrepancy lies in the mechanics. In DotA 2, as you might already know, the player needs to wait for his or her hero to turn around in order to lead them facing forward; with LoL, this is not the case. Ultimately, it is all about minor disparities that are by no means reasons to throw shade in the other’s direction.

Social Action Games

Another great option for spicing things up is playing social action games. You have undoubtedly seen a plethora of gangster movies where the main hustle always involves (or at least is related to) a big shootout. The rich, opulent aura that surrounds this game appeals to amateurs who like to live on the edge.

Moreover, in this modern day and age you do not even need to leave the comfort of your home to get the full social gaming experience of those extravagant lobbies as live social content is gaining momentum across the world.  Simply pick one title and you are good to go. And in case you feel the need to play with others, there are several top Roulette games with the Multiplayer function where you can socialize with your fellow playmates as much as you like.

World of Tanks

Finally, we needed to bring up the Belarusian masterpiece. World of Tanks reached global success in a relatively short period of time, and is still rocking on. As it is a multiplayer game, it has the extra social element right there, adding up to the overall player satisfaction. In an extensive article, the background of this virtual phenomenon has been tackled from multiple angles, and the final conclusion was that no one really knows why the contagious game is so easy to contract. It might be the interactive moment, or something entirely different. Be that as it may, World of Tanks is here to stay.