Online games have become an essential part of our lives since the impact of the pandemic. With no option to go outside, no social gatherings, no schools, and playing outdoors, students have started spending more of their leisure time on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Online games and apps have been keeping everybody entertained at home.

Well, digital games offer a real-time experience to users. Players enjoy the thrill and excitement provided by online games such as those that can be enjoyed at casumo. This exciting gaming venue allows you to enjoy a playing bonus!

However, keep in mind that the passion for online games has its share of ups and downs. It mostly depends on how much an individual spends their time and energy on online gaming.

The Advantages of Playing Online Games

Although online gaming is a source of entertainment, playing online games also helps develop problem-solving skills, leadership skills and sharpen concentration and memory power. It helps develop their creativity, improve strategic thinking, mental exercise, and is a way for revenue generation among young adults. If you know your limits, you will not feel the damages caused by online gaming. Here are a few advantages of playing online games.

Enhanced Memory and Concentration

Frequently playing online games improves concentration, multitasking skills, mental flexibility and even reverses the mental aging process. When playing arcade games, players are mentally more active and concentrated which improves their problem-solving ability. Some online games also require strategy and quantitative analysis that promotes mathematics skills.

Better Analytical Skills

Many companies look for analytical and problem-solving skills among candidates when hiring for certain posts. Surprisingly, while online gaming helps improve concentration, there are plenty of online games like Clash of Clans that boost your analytical and creative thinking skills. Players can play games that focus on the development of analytical skills, communication and also helps to relax their mind and body.

Improved Vision

Numerous studies have shown that playing online games increases gray matter in the brain and boosts brain connectivity that improves visual skills. Some video games involve high levels of action that increase the player’s vision. There is no doubt that playing online games can help increase hand and eye coordination, boost brain activity, and even lessen the effects of dementia. However, it mostly depends on the time spent in front of the screen.

The Disadvantages of Playing Online Games

Everything in this world comes with its own disadvantages. While there are several advantages of playing online games, one of the disadvantages is that it involves continuous sitting in front of a screen. From stress and anxiety to poor academic performance, weight gain, loneliness, and socializing problems are some issues of playing games beyond limits.


Everything comes with some shortcomings. Prolonged time spent in online gaming may result in addiction. We all are very well aware that addiction to anything is harmful. So, it is essential to reduce the number of hours spent online.

Health Issues

Online gaming can have adverse effects on your physical health. Studies show that excessive gaming habits among students result in sleep deprivation, insomnia, obesity, and aggression. While playing games can be good for relaxation, continuous staring at a computer and staying in one position for a long time results in shoulder, neck, and back pain.


  1. I feel like health issues isn’t a big deal like it used to be, at least in 2021, considering VR and motion control have made indoor gaming more “physically active” and AR has made outdoor gaming also active (e.g. Pokemon GO). Plus a lot games have made “quality of life” improvements to cater to a more general audience. Just depends on the online game, I guess.

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