• Israphel commented on the post, MechQuest 5 years ago

    One of AE games which i cant say i disliked or i loved either… This one features huge robots and battleships as well as futuristic tech.. I was always a more of a medieval swords and magic kind of guy so i am not really crazy about these kind of games (though i love Starwars!! :D).. Nevertheless a very fun game to spend your time and since its…[Read more]

  • Israphel commented on the post, MU Online 5 years ago

    One of the first mmorpgs ive played!! I literally learned of mmorpgs and all their basic knowledge from MU!! There are 3 basic classes to choose from and after you level them up 2 more opened up for you to create!!!
    I always played with Grand Master (mage) which was my favorite (the way he looked in his gear and his skills). The wings and…[Read more]

  • This has to be my favorite pirate/medieval ships mmorpg out there (if not the only one out there!!!). I simply spent hours playing it and during holidays as well (right before new year i remember the moment clearly!!).
    You can choose which faction you want to be allied to and what class and after that the adventure begins!! I rate it 4/5

  • Israphel commented on the post, Tales of Pirates 5 years ago

    The first anime style mmorpg that i ever played!! This is one of the games that reminds me my childhood!! There are 4 characters of which you could choose and those have specific classes:
    Lance: Crusader, Sharpshooter, Voyager
    Carsise: Champion
    Ami: Cleric, Seal Master, Voyager
    Phyllis: Cleric, Seal Master, Crusader, Sharpshooter, Voyager
    You…[Read more]

  • A fun fighting game where you try to defeat your opponents on a specific map (by dropping them to the void!!!).. When i first started it i thought it would be easy.. dont be deceived by its simplicity.. its harder than it looks!!!! A good game to have some fun!! I give it a 2.5/5

  • No doubt the best mmorpg that has ever been released and the only famous one that i didnt really like!!! When it first came out i really didnt like the character models so i decided not to play it!! However i love its lore and i have learned about it from videos and such so i can say it was great back then but most people say that after the Lich…[Read more]

  • Israphel commented on the post, Cabal Online 5 years ago

    One of the games i tried out a long time ago!! Personally i really enjoyed it back then but i dont know how the game is today!! Mu legends reminded me of this game so guys who enjoyed it should also like this one though its older!!! 2/5

  • I really like this game!! You can pick between 4 classes (sorta) and change the weapons that you will be using!! There are many modes from defend the king to defend the keep and vise versa!!! You can also join mods which change the appearance of the characters like we see in the pics or buy stuff with cash!! The hard thing about this game is that…[Read more]

  • Israphel commented on the post, Cat Mario 5 years ago

    Well its not exactly the same as Super Mario but its very similar!! So you will enjoy it if you play.. But i still prefer Super Mario.. So i give it 2.5/5

  • One of my favorite games as a child and out of all the GTA franchise!!! A vast world for you to explore steal kill and do pretty much whatever you want!!! Find the best cars and drive to your hearts content!! You to racing tracks!! Beware though the enemy gang members will be hunting you should they see you!! All in all one of the best games of…[Read more]

  • I really love this game!! It was and is one of my favorite strategy games out there!! Well since its about the Lord of the Rings which i simply adore its understandable!!! This games campaign lets you experience battles beyond of the main story that you have seen in the trilogy!! You can create your own champion with the skills of your choice!!…[Read more]

  • Israphel commented on the post, 7 Days to Die Review 5 years ago

    Zombies and more Zombies!! I simply love games that got to do with survival!! Either by gathering items to craft or searching for them!!! (Minecraft and Last Stand: Dead Zone being some of them) The game isnt so bad but there are still some issues!! But just being an open world game with zombies i give it 3/5!!!

  • Israphel commented on the post, 1 Starship Review 5 years ago

    Old school arcade with starships and shooting!!! Well i used to play similar games so i cant say i disliked it.. Though it kinda felt the ship was slow in comparison to other games!!! I rate it 3/5..

  • Israphel commented on the post, 2 Ball Pool Review 5 years ago

    Well good game which requires good accuracy to be able to score points.. I personally prefer the 8 ball pool but this isn’t that bad!! It does get repetitive though.. I give it 2/5..

  • As the name suggests a simple arcade racing game based of the movie!!! I never really enjoyed racing or sport games so i cant say this is for me bit i must say it was a bit fun!! I enjoy driving in games like GTA!! So im giving this a 2/5!!!

  • Israphel commented on the post, Ogre Combat Review 5 years ago

    A game befitting an Ogre!!! What kind of game could be better than one that lets u be an Ogre and fight!!! I believe its one of the best games to play on the site though it is a bit simple!! I rate it 4/5!!!

  • Israphel commented on the post, Marvel Heroes Review 5 years ago

    I really enjoy games with superheroes!!! I like both DC and Marvel Universes so i must say i like the game as well.. Though games like this usually require to buy stuff in game to be competitive or some heroes require to be bought with real money (the best ones usually..).. So i give this a 3/5..

  • Hmm another game with a spaceship shooting down enemy vessels and fighting Bosses!!! Though i like these kind or games it becomes repetitive after a while and you get bored of it… So im gonna give it a 2/5

  • Israphel commented on the post, Ogre Bounce Review 5 years ago

    I really liked this game and it reminded me of mario!!! Trying to find the right way to bounce and gather coins so that you can pass the map!! Though i am fond of complicated games i really enjoyed playing this so i recommend it!!

    I rate it 3/5!!

  • Israphel commented on the post, 2 Deep v2 Review 5 years ago

    A simple arcade game that reminds me of Battlestar Galactica!!! Cant say that i overly enjoyed it but still its a nice game to spend some time!! 2/5 😀

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