Starchat is an online virtual world where you can create your own unique virtual avatar, play virtual multiplayer games, furnish your own crib, collect virtual pets, meet friends, and express yourself on a whole new level – become a star, set the trends, and claim your fame. Starchat – the only place where you can become an instant virtual celebrity.

Post Date: 11:08 09-06-2015
Rating: 4
Author: axwellshm
Comment: It’s similar to the Sims for me , but it just isn’t that good. It gets boring fast, it doesn’t have point for me. 4 just because of average graphics.
Post Date: 15:01 23-12-2012
Rating: 3
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Starchat is an okay virtual game I guess. But since I don’t really play virtual games, I didn’t like this. But it can still be a good game to meet up with your friends. The graphics of the game are okay. They can be improved quite a lot but I can’t really say that they are horrible.
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  1. Starchat is a virutal game where you can play arcade game with other people , collect pets and meet new people.
    Game is mostly based on fashion I would say nothing something that I am really interested in.

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  2. Social virtual game ,you can chat with other players,play games,trade your expirence.Main goal is to chat with other players,So if you like omegle,try this game 😀

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  3. The graphics suck so does the artwork I don’t know about the gameplay but I’m going to guess it’s just meet up and talk which can be done in other online games, there’s a lot of better games than this. 😛

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  4. It’s a virtual reality for many players in their teen or below years. this game has a whole society of people that can pick out their own clothing and customize them selves. As well as hanging out in different areas in the game. Overall, this game is pretty bad in my opinion.

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  5. 1/5 – The first game that came to mind when I saw this was Habbo Hotel but not in a good way at all. To be honest I’d rather play a game like the Sims than this

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  6. Starchat’s an alright game. It’s very reminiscent of many other browser games where you would create avatars, interact with online communities, and play virtual games, explore, or collect things. Sort of an amalgamation of different games like Habbo’s isometric design combined with elements of IMVU, Neopets, and Club Penguin. Personally I’m not a huge fan of these types of games where you play as human characters and it feels more like a dress-up game, but if they were animal characters like in Neopets or Club Penguin, I think it would be a little more interesting. Overall, I’d give this game a 2.5/5.

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