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How hard can it be? You’ve been playing video games all your life. All your close friends respect you for being the best among them. You can play card games, first shooters, MOBA and strategic games comfortably. Is it time you went pro?

Becoming a professional gamer in 2018 is a reality. And it is easy. Whether you’re 15 or 30, you can compete at different tournaments for real money prizes worth up to $1,000,000. To win the huge tournaments is not easy though. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Follow the guide below for a chance to start playing games professionally.

Explore Different Games

There are hundreds of video and online games. Professional gamers specialize in one or two genres. You can select multiplayer online battle arenas and play as a team. You could go solo with a first shooter fighting game.

Don’t get into professional gaming without a specific genre in mind. If you’re not certain what to choose, take a cue from other professionals. According to statistics, multiplayer games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike are the best games for winning big rewards. They also attract the widest viewership. First player games are great if you don’t enjoy playing as a team.

Once you decide what genre you want to specialize in, you’re good to move to the next step.

Put in the Work

Competitive gaming attracts the best professionals in the world. At any given tournament worth its salt, you’ll be grouped against gamers who’ve competed before. Some have won local tournaments. Others have been to globally recognized competitions.

If you’re going to compete and win, you have to practice like your whole life depends on it. You must dedicate five or more hours playing, mostly against people better than you. That means you also have to register in small tournaments.

It doesn’t matter how many times you lose, going pro ask for lots of persistence. You will feel worn out and lose money at the small competitions. But that’s all part of the game. The good thing tough—at the tournaments, you will have the same keyboard and controllers. Spend time practicing and learning the tricks. When the time comes to play for the money, you will be ready.

Don’t Quit your Job Yet

Last year, more than $200 million was paid out to over 20,000 gamers around the world. 61 of them earned $1,000,000. About 1000 earned at least $100,000 but most players earned below $20,000 the whole year.

Unless you’re really good, it will take you at least one year to break into the top 1000. eSport is a global sport and gamers convene from all countries in the world. Just looking at the top 100 list of players will show you the diversity among winners. The top 5 highest earning players all came from different countries. Among the top 20, only the US, China, and Finland produced 2 or 3 players.

Before you quit your day job to concentrate on e-gaming, be certain you have a stable income source. Alternatively, look for two or more ways to earn money. Kiwislots casinos provide a great way to find gaming platforms if you want to be a professional gamer. You can also invest and have your money make money for you. That way, you can free up your time and have more gaming time.

Study other Pro-Gamers

You want to be a successful player, right? Take time to study other professionals. If you can, speak to a professional and have him or her mentor you. Many successful gamers go through ups and downs to get to the top tier.

Some quit their jobs after saving enough. Others play at night and attend their day jobs normally. If you want to be successful, you have to learn how the more experienced players did it.

Online gamers, in particular, must learn to overcome the numerous hurdles at the foundation level. From losses to issues with game companies, it’s so easy to quit before even making to your first tournament. You can find the best online casinos in Canada with Zamsino. But for issues related to the challenges that come before going pro, it’s best to learn from others.

Perfect Team Playing Skills

The highest paying eSport games are multiplayer games. The top 50 highest-earning players in 2017 all participated in Dota 2, a multiplayer. In fact, over 95% of the best 500 players all compete in multiplayer games that involve team playing.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent your whole life gaming alone at home. If you want to become a professional, learn how to play with others. Even when playing solo games, you will be part of a community. Forums are an important part of the gaming community. You will learn about local tournaments mostly on forums. Sometimes you can learn about tips, your opponent’s strengths, and weakness by interacting with them online.

Perfect your Skills

The difference between the runners-up and the winner in most tournaments boils down to an X-factor. Sometimes there is no difference in experience among players. It’s all about skills and having tricks your competitors don’t. As you practice for gaming competitions, pay attention to perfecting certain aspects of your gaming.

Watch the top tier players. Listen to them talk of how they hone their skills. Emulate them. Continue practicing and learning new ways to win. Practice even more. At the end of it all, your goal is to be the best at every tournament you attend.

To Conclude

E-gaming is no longer a teen fantasy sport that could only be afforded by the elite few. It’s a possibility for everyone. If you want to become a professional, it’s a matter of doing your homework and registering for a tournament.

You can also start at Twitch and YouTube. Stream yourself playing video games and capitalize on earning through ads. If you love gaming, you can make it your career!