Presently, people cannot imagine their life without computer games. Games have become an integral part of contemporary popular culture. No wonder, more and more gamers consider it a matter of honor to achieve success in games, to show their superiority and prowess. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time or, maybe, necessary skills, may players find themselves unable to succeed in games and resort to using game trainers.

What are PC Game Trainers?

Game trainer is software that bestows game bonuses on those who venture to use it. It is a third-party program that is launched along with the game that requires being modified. Trainers “free” a game’s memory addresses, thus preventing the game from exchanging data in a regular or normal way. By doing so, the program allows a player to “cheat” and make a rapid progress in game.

Where to Find and How to Download a Game Trainer?

There are many websites all over the Internet that are dedicated to storing trainers for free download. You can google for a game trainer for a specific game and then avail yourself of the yielded results. Just don’t forget to check the new files by means of an antivirus program to make sure they won’t infect your computer.

●   You should remember that every trainer name usually consists of a game name followed by “+” and a digit that indicates the quantity of the features incorporated into this trainer. Some developers choose to include their nickname as a part of their trainer’s name. A standard naming looks like this: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt +24 trainer by MrAntiFun.

How Do I Use Trainers?

Trust us, running a PC game trainer is not a brain surgery. Trainers are usually created by amateur programmers who, in the majority of cases, play the games they subsequently hack. So, their creations are quite simple and easy to understand. Lots of trainers represent a single executive file, though there are versions of trainers that comprise several files and libraries. There is no need to be a professional to use trainers that, as a rule, go with the detailed guide initiating users into the subtleties of the using this type of software. You should search for such instructions in separate file called “Readme.txt” that accompany similar programs. The guide also can be stored in the file with the .info extension whose content can be viewed by means of such text editors as Notepad, Atom, or UltraEdit.

Let’s discuss the process of running a trainer in a few words. Once you get the cheat program on your computer, try testing it. The majority of trainers would require you to launch them prior to starting the game. Nevertheless, there are programs requiring you to perform the same operations but in the reverse order.

You can use various keyboard shortcuts to switch between trainer functions when playing. Some trainers even allow you to incorporate the necessary changes into the program. Thus, you can remap the keys and operate your trainer in a more convenient manner. It is also likely that you will be hearing a characteristic beep every time you activate a new function in the program.

  • Probably, you will also hear music when starting your game trainer. If you feel annoyed or distracted by a melody, don’t hesitate to mute it by clicking on the corresponding button that should be somewhere in the trainer’s graphic interface.

Do Game Trainers Pose a Danger to my Computer?

As software trainers are completely harmless and do not pose any threat to your PC. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can download them indiscriminately from the Internet. As it has been noted above, make sure to visit only reputable sites and check new soft prior to installing it, and you will not experience any problems with trainers. On the contrary, with the help of such programs, you will open a new world full of limitless opportunities in your games.


  1. In this sort of topic, I think it’s important to research the terms and conditions for a game, because some game developers might not want people to use it, and it’s usually made explicitly clear in their terms and conditions by mentioning words like “third-party program” and “prohibited”. So that’s something to consider.

    But I think it’s generally fine for single player experience games. But personally, I find games more enjoyable, when you actually earn your progress through gameplay.

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