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For starters why is the game called FreeWorld? Will it be free?
(Laughs) No FreeWorld will not be free. The name is FreeWorld because it gives players the freedom to do as they choose. FreeWorld is a classless game. Everyone can do everything they want to do like in real life but you are better at the things you do more of and get better as you use your skills. I hate games where I am a wizard and I can’t use a sword because of my class.

Yes City of Heroes is something like that. Very class driven.
Well….in FreeWorld you have the chance to do everything BUT if you do everything then your just a little good in everything but not really great in anything.

How is the combat in FreeWorld?
The combat is in real-time. Just like life also….there is no auto aim. There is NO point-and-click c
ombat. You really have to land all of your hits.

Your character models are different than most other games right?
Yes we use segmented models instead of solid models. You know how in new MMORPGs the models are seamless. Well in FreeWorld our models are made in parts
foot/leg/hand/arm and so on. These parts are then put together. The reason behind this is that .3ds format segmented models have real-time collision detection. This is to help with time hit detection. If I hit your finger for example you get hit. In most other MMORPGs you just have to click on a monster and hit the attack button.

Do you think it will be too hard that it turns off the casual gamer or are you just going for the hardcore ones?
Well……no. I don’t think we are just looking for a hardcore player. This game will be made for people that are sick of the normal boring MMORPG games. Click monster. Click attack. Kill monster. Go sell loot. That is bull. If you look at the US game market .most gamers here like FPS.
I want to bring everything that is great about RPGs and add the excitement of real-time combat. Now I would have to say if someone is the kind of guy that gets off work and wants to relax and watch the screen while only clicking a few buttons then FreeWorld is not really for them.

How many players will be supported on a server and how many servers?
We plan to have the world on one server cluster. There will be many server machines but only one world. The server cluster will be able to support 40000+ people in one world at one time.

What will PvP (Player versus Player) be like?
On a lot of games you will see a non-PvP server and a PvP server. In FreeWorld we will combine the two where you can cross over from a PvP world to a PvE (players versus monsters only) world and back again. The two worlds will be 100% different. PvE players will not be forced to play in PvP. Also PvP players will not be forced to play PvE. However you will have the option to do both.

Any idea about when FreeWorld will be released?
There is no set date for FreeWorld’s release. When we promise features we want to make sure they are in the game and fully working. Too many games rush everything (for the love of money) and put out a product that is far from ready. I see a lot of MMORPG players defending games by saying “i know the game is not that fun now but they promise to make updates and add all the features.” To me if you need to make a excuse like this then the game is just not good and the game company was more worried about the money than the game.

Looking forward to it being released. Thank you for your time.

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