Healthy indulgence in a pastime or hobby has a number of benefits. When a hobby offers extra benefits, it is even more advantageous. This is why the online gaming opportunities provided at websites such as deserve a spot among the top favored hobbies for digital citizens. In addition to the obvious sharpening of dexterity and hand-eye coordination, online gaming offers a wide range of benefits for players.

Social and Psychological Benefits

On a social and psychological level, online gaming offers a cathartic release for people who need a break from the stresses of life. It is a form of entertainment that often acts as a distraction from the problems people face on a daily basis. The stressors that come with recent global events including the onset and subsequent prevalence of the pandemic make pastime activities like this even more crucial as we all strive to hold on to our sanity in the midst of it all.

Some online games (especially those that include fantasy worlds) allow for interaction among players. This interaction is very helpful especially for people who are confined. Many quarantined digital citizens found solace in the fact that they could still touch base with like-minded people through online gaming platforms. And because many of these platforms allow for the adoption of fictional names and personalities, users get to release tension and escape into worlds of their own making or choosing.

Boosted Brain Power

Online gamers develop strong competencies in problem-solving. Critical thinking skills are also enhanced through online gaming. Many online games force players to examine tricky situations and find solutions. These scenarios range from matching or assembling parts to make a whole unit to navigating hazards and rescuing a fictional character. Levels of concentration are also improved among online game players. Since players habitually zone in on their screens as they analyse the situations they are presented with, this allows them to develop excellent competencies in staying on task.

Enhanced Creativity

Online gaming stimulates creativity. Most online gaming platforms are designed to stimulate interest with vivid colors and attractive images. This type of visual stimulation has positive long-term impacts on players’ creativity. The stimulation of creative thinking spills over as positive outcomes in players’ lives.

Now that you are aware of some of the often-overlooked benefits of online gaming as a hobby, perhaps you’ll give it some more consideration as you look into your options for occupying your downtime.


  1. As a hobby, it’s not too bad. Kind of a “make or break” situation whether you find anything useful out of it, like making money from streaming; but nobody should expect playing video games to be something applicable to real world situations like schooling or work unless you’re just using games as a stress reliever. But as a career, I think it’s terrible to depend on only gaming for success in life, because it’s just not viable.

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