When it comes to parenting, many will tell you their primary concern is their child’s safety. Leisure activities are no different. The risks and dangers that are posed by online gaming are considerably higher than other physical activities because parents aren’t exactly sure who their children are interacting with, what type of conversations they’re having with people they have met online, and other dangers. However, if monitored and played in moderation, there can be several benefits and even learning opportunities for children who play online video games.

To the parents that are considering taking a leap and introducing your children to online gaming, here are some of the potential benefits that your young one can gain from gaming:

Computer Literacy

The technology skills that are needed in our daily lives are greatly enhanced in children who play video games. Computer and internet literacy are increasingly becoming necessary life skills in the workforce today. Online gaming available in sbobet and other sites could contribute to your child’s future success in academics as well as the workforce.

Leadership and Social Skills

By merely playing online, your child will be interacting with children and people from across the globe. To achieve a goal in a game, they will have to learn to socialize and work with varied backgrounds. The child will learn the importance of appreciating each contribution and skill set as these all lead to mutual success. Secondly, being in a group setting will allow him/her to understand the role of a leader, as well as the support roles offered by other members.

Multi-tasking and Problem Solving

Games in nature usually pose a challenge that requires a certain amount of effort to solve. A vast segment of online games that are available to children are generally puzzles and role-playing games. These games, such as World of Warcraft and 2048, offer complex scenarios that require both problems solving skills as well as the ability to multi-task to achieve a single objective. Many vital areas of early development such as planning, organization, and flexible thinking can be improved through such games.

Responsibility and Reward

By allowing your child to play online, you are showing them a strong sense of responsibility and trust to manage the content they consume, as well as the amount of time they spend consuming the said content. Video games have been shown to play an essential role in stress reduction. This is mainly from the sense of reward one feels from “beating” an opponent. Not only does this release endorphins, but it also significantly increases the confidence level of your child, allowing them to tackle real issues in the real world.


Online games, just as other leisure activities, can be both fun and dangerous. As a parent to ensure their child is consuming the right content, they can choose games for their kids from sites where they can find child-friendly plays. Allowing your child to play in a virtual environment will enable them endless fun, as long as you take the proper safety precautions to ensure their safety.


  1. Does depend on the game, but generally games keep children emotionally enthralled, kind of like waking up on a Christmas morning to open up a new game or console. That kind of positive attitude increases dopamine levels in the brain and can be great at eliminating depression.

    But when it comes to games itself, there are various games that are useful for children, especially in education, from typing games to problem-solving games and so on: games like LightBot which teaches kids how to code or think about logic, games like BrainAge which teaches problem solving, games like Minecraft Education Edition which allows students to collaborate and work together, etc. Even growing up, I’ve seen other people including myself getting entrenched in games.

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