The online gaming industry is growing at a fast pace and India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, emerges as one of the leaders in this space. The country has very clear guidelines for online games and has seen the growth of various start ups and companies offering online games and fantasy sports.

As per the research by “The Indian Games of Skill Market Analysis and Forecast, 2016-2022“, India’s online games market by 2022 will grow over $3.6 Billion. The source of revenue varies with the game type and the mode in which the game is operating. The main source of revenue is primarily advertisements, however in app purchases and cash games also hold a significant chunk. There is also a section of pay per game users and this section is also on a steady rise. With just about 10% of India’s population becoming paid players of games, the market will be double of that today.

The Factors That Contribute to The Continuous Growth

There are a number of factors that contribute to the rapid growth on mobile based games. The first among these is the approval on these games. Online rummy and other fantasy games are legal as approved by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.

The next in line being the rewards that players get when participating in such digital games. Fantasy games and rummy are the leaders in this sphere. Playing rummy attracts the sharpest of minds from the country and encourages them to show their skills. It is intelligent, smart and completely entertaining.

The third strong reason for the growth of onlinegames is the live player action. When on one hand there are games where the player is challenging the computer, on the other hand the games give the thrill of playing with live and the best players from across the country. With a large platform and a challenging game in front, it is no doubt one of the preferred online games of India.

The New Rage in Digital Games

When we talk about digital games, card games like rummy emerge among the leaders. These are multi-player games with the skill level deciding the level of the player. Even though, rummy does not directly put you on a given level, but it is through rummy skills that a player reaches defined clubs and ranks. The predominant use of skill that makes these games fair, challenging and interesting at the same time.

The online player today knows that these games are lucrative but also demand hard work. Just as players download rummy app, there are games available on desktops as well. Players should get themselves a device that is apt to play and enjoy these games completely. So, whether it is mobile or desktop, the basic device gets you in a get set mode to your path of success.


What we are really moving towards is, online games being taken up seriously and not just a mode of casual entertainment. With prizes running at all-time highs, what the players can really fall back upon is their clarity, sharpness and skills developed towards the game. Most of these highly rewarding games are pay on the go basis. Where on one hand, Indians love freebies, the online gaming sphere has seen a growth in paid players where they spend their entertainment budget on online games. These are the serious players, adding revenues and pushing the Indian game market to over the 3.6 billion mark. Mobile adaptation, cheap internet connection and localization are the three pillars on which this growth is pushing forward. Even though, 2017 saw rummy getting restricted in Telangana, the game is still among the most popular online games of India and continues to scale. What remains to be seen this year is how the country adapts to paid games and enters zones like eSports and takes these games of skill to the next level.


  1. Population and accessibility is definitely a factor in the growth of online games. India and China alone have the world’s largest populations, and devices like phones are becoming incredibly accessible which allows for game companies to grow more. I think that’s the main reason why mobile games are especially big.

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