Bloodbowl is a fantasy sports/football game with its own special set of rules.



Game Description:

Bloodbowl is where fantasy meets american football. Bloodbowl started as tabletop game by Games Workshop that parodied football in an alternate version of the vaunted Warhammer fantasy universe. The game consists of such fantasy stalwarts as goblins, dwarves, human warriors, elves, orcs, and, of course, ogres. However, early versions of the PC game did not consist of all the possible races. In fact, the first time I bought the game at Walmart, I recieved what is known as the Dark Elves Edition. More recently, I bought the best possible version known as the Chaos edition. This version includes all 23 races and is the latest version before Blood Bowl 2.

Blood Bowl Races:

  1. Humans
  2. Dwaves
  3. Wood Elves
  4. Goblins
  5. Orcs
  6. Chaos
  7. Skaven
  8. Lizardmen
  9. Dark Elves
  10. Undead
  11. Khemri
  12. Norse
  13. Elves
  14. Ogre
  15. Halfling
  16. Amazon
  17. Vampire
  18. Nurgle
  19. Necromantic
  20. High Elves
  21. Underworld
  22. Chaos Dwarf
  23. Khorne

Key Features:

  • Based on the tabletop game.
  • Has had various versions.
  • Was available in retail stores and online via Steam.
  • Has a sequel named Bloodbowl 2 and an ugly cousin named Dungeonbowl.
  • The game changes sides whenever the team “with the ball” has a player knocked out.
  • The game first appeared on MS DOS back in  1995.
  • The first modern version for the PC released with 8 playable races.
  • The Dark Elves were added next.
  • The PC launched the Legendary version in 2010 bringing the total races number to 20.
  • The Chaos Edition, the final and complete version in October 2012 brought the rest of the races.
  • Violence plays a huge role playing off the name.
  • Can bribe the ref.
  • Can use illegal weapons.
  • Spells can be devasting.
  • Perform vicious moves on opposing teams.
  • Can play online.
  • Official rankings for the best teams.
  • Has a World Cup that you can compete in.

Game Trailer:

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  1. Im amazed humans is still alive in this game I mean humans vs Orcs? Lol we’re talking about footall here… Anyway the game looks good the graphics probably as well I like that spikey ball bloody game.

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  2. Very customize-able American Football game. I’ve never seen anything like this game. It’s completely unique and original and just utterly entertaining. All the characters are fun to play with and to try out different setups with. I suggest this to anyone who likes brutal yet sporty games. I give it a 5/5 rating. c:

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