The ninth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG, Blue Ogre Jail Break, puts players in a position to rescue the big Blue Ogre!

This Adventure is for Level 9 Players only.

For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.

Adventurers (join by rolling in this thread)

Heroman (Phase 5) (450 Point Pet Damage)(171 Army Damage)(144 Damage Skeleton Dragon)
Mtv (Phase 3)(325 Point Pet Damage)(119 Army Damage)(1 90s)
Crownknight (Phase 2)(275 Point Pet Damage)(139 Army Damage)(You = 3000 Points) (17 Skeletons = 7,242 Points)

Phase One

After defeating the Giant Dragons, you learn that the Undead are really charge and they have taken the Big Blue Ogre prisoner under the Land of Dragons. You see an open pit and dive through in order to get to the jail! Roll a 90 or better to make it down to the prison in one piece.

Phase Two

You slowly make your way down to the prison and you are having a hard time seeing with all the fire and smoke. However, you can’t help but see the monstrous structure that must be holding the giant Ogre! You start to make your way to get past the big iron doors up front, but an army of skeletons rise up and attack you, your pets, and even your army. Roll twice. You can use of your damage on them. They will only attack you if they roll their number or within 2 points of their number still around. In other words they will attack together or will not attack. When they do attack, it will be 50 points of damage per skeleton still there. Win this battle to make it to the prison.

Phase Three

After demolishing through all the bones and skeletons, you find yourself in front of a huge building! To make matters worse, eerie noises emanate from inside. To advance into this prison of doom, you need 3 rolls of 90 or better and you can roll 3 dice per turn for this phase.

Phase Four

You break into the monstrous prison and confronted immediately by four monster skeletons that somehow appear familiar to you! Destroy them with 4 more 90s, but the same number of rolls. Also, be wary of the number of 4 as four of them in set of rolls can bring one back to the fight!

Phase Five

The last of the four undead monsters of doom falls to the floor when the ground begins to shake and rumbles. Then the bones start to take a live of their own as your pets and army are suddenly imprisoned in bones! The rest of the bones come together to form one giant undead dragon! To beat this dragon of bones, roll one dice to try to get 2000 damage points.