now has a Blue Ogre Permanent Travel Form in AQ3D!

The BlueOgre’s Lair

How to get there?
Go there by simply typing /join BlueOgre into the chat box.

Talk to Ogreman

Currently he only has a crafting shop. We can add a NPC box, dialog, or anything else you would like.

Blue Ogre Soul

Consumable “Single Use” item, stackable to 10.

Transforms you into a “human sized” blue ogre. (Not as big as Ogreman). Get these from the GameOgre Forums– they come in stacks of 3. Also, small chance to get a single one from daily login rewards.

Blue Ogre Ring

Give Ogreman 10 Blue Ogre souls to craft a Blue Ogre Ring which has unlimited charges to transforms you into a “human sized” blue ogre at will. (Not as big as Ogreman)

Also… about that old item…

Blue Ogre Teeth (old, but still works in game)

Older item… transforms you into Ogreman (full size).