Land of Dragons is the eighth adventure of Ogre Adventures RPG introduces the area where dragons dominate! Players also get to craft their own armor on the Ogre Forge. Ogres forge armor with dragon scales that buff stamina bonuses.
This Adventure is for Level 8 Players only.
For the most part, you have to roll higher than a certain number to get past an obstacle or monster besides the boss.
Adventurers (join by rolling in this thread)
Heroman (Phase 4) (300 Point Pet Damage)
Crownknight (Phase 3) (225 Point Pet Damage)
Mtv (Phase 2) (250 Point Pet Damage)
Phase One
You defeat the evil Oildross and take the plunge through the portal the undead dragon was guarding to the Land of Dragons! Once there you will see a forge ran by the Blue Ogre! Using your gold and acquired dragon scale, make another armor piece there. List your selection here to move to Phase 2.
Phase Two
After leaving the Ogre Forge, you start to see why its called The Land of Dragons! Up and down and all around are dragons. Some fly some fight each others and some even take close to a human form. There are even brand new online slots for entertainment. In fact, two fire breathing dragons are not far from the forge acting as a giant outer firewall to any non dragons wanting to enter the area. Roll a 90 or better to get within the firewall without being burned to a crisp!
Phase Three

Once you breach the firewall without getting scorched alive, you start to explore the area around you. You look with wonder at the sheer of the land and travel on foot for hours until you reach a mountain pass. Since you can not fly, this will take a great deal of time energy. With your new and improved stamina bonus and energy rolls, conquer the Dragon Mountains with a total of 2000 energy points to continue.

Phase Four 

You finally get past the Dragon Mountains and you desperately need a place to rest. However, your pets spy a big roofless stadium up ahead that appears to be pure chaos. Creatures are roaring and fire is shooting everywhere. All of your pets head to the stadium for some reason so you follow! Come to find out, you are now in a battle arena for all monsters! The strange part is that the arena also serves as a social gathering of sorts as every type of creature imaginable is here. Roll your damage bonus to find the group of Ogres because you will have to battle through the arena to find them!

Phase Five

You locate the group of Ogres as they are rampaging near the back of the huge arena. You talk with their leader in order to join the band of juggernauts. However, the head Ogre gets jealous of you by thinking you are there to take over his group! Thus, he devises a plan for to show your worth and, hopefully for him, fail miserably. You must take on five of his best Ogres in quick one on one battles. To join the group or possibly fight the leader himself, roll 5 times. Each roll above 50 is a victory for you while a roll under 50 is a win for one of the five Ogres. You to win at least 3 out of 5 to move on to the next phase.

Phase Six

You prove that you belong in the group of savage Ogres, but the leader notices that the other Ogres are saying how bad and tough you are so he attacks you! The leader is known as Bango and is the biggest Ogre you ever seen besides the giant Blue Ogre. This will be a boss fight where your pets and any hired henchmen may assist you. However, keep in mind that the odd Ogre could go to the aid of Bango! A new Ogre will appear with 100 HPs of damage every time you roll below 10 including 1. That said, deal out 3,000 damage to Bango on top of any other Ogres that join the heated battle. If you can defeat the extra large Bango, you will become the leader for the band of Ogres and can do whatever you want with them.

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