The first thing that must be mentioned when discussing eSports on campus is that we are not only dealing with gaming competition but also talking about a strong community where students cooperate, work together, and find essential solutions. Speaking of competitive gaming, we always address a certain culture where students follow the same guidelines and adhere to strong morals, fair play rules, and many other aspects that are also reflected in relation to academic life. It also turns the college campus into a special playground where you can make new friends and learn how to succeed as a team player. 

  • Improving Your Analysis Skills. 

Playing eSports helps you to improve your analytical skills and develop better strategic thinking as you find the most efficient solutions. It helps when you must face examinations and complete your homework on time. Now, some of us may still struggle with tight deadlines, which is where academized can become quite helpful. When you discuss your academic or gaming solutions, you also share them with friends, which is another vital eSports community aspect to consider! 

  • Learning to Work Well in a Team. 

While there are many individual games where you compete head to head to achieve your goals, most eSports competitions are still related to team games and campus competitions. Regardless of whether you play against the nearest university in the local neighborhood or compete against a college in Brazil, it’s always about cooperation and learning how to listen. It is one of the most important factors that help students become a friendly family and work together! 

  • Addressing Cognitive Skills. 

It’s not a secret that eSports help to improve your memory, focus, attention span, reaction, coordination, and the way you react to changes that happen visually. It is where the eSports community can help become a strong team that can learn in a totally different way. If you wish to make your exams pass in a better way or get your grading rubric puzzles solved in a faster way, playing eSports on a regular basis will help you boost your cognitive skills. When you share and discuss your skills and talk it out with others, it happens much faster! 

  • Making New Friends While Playing.

When you join your first eSports competition on campus or watch how others play, you are eventually making new friends as you turn from novice gamer to an eSports professional. If you need to compose a statement of purpose letter and wish to join a team, you may see here to find out how to present yourself and advertise your skills. Sometimes, you must make it look like an excellent CV to get noticed! Just take time, think about what makes you stand apart, and join the campus eSports community! 

  • Participating in Social Campaigns. 

Some eSports competitive gaming among students often stands for a good social cause like anti-bullying, sports, campus violence, brain games, or environmental protection. As you join one of such competitions, you can also promote strong morals and get creative as you use your design skills or knowledge that you have gained as a student. If you wish to take eSports on campus to another level, make sure to discuss your objectives and offer some possibilities to make your competition truly meaningful.

The Problem of Gaming Addiction? 

Contrary to popular belief, eSports is not the same thing as just playing video games for hours on end. There are strict rules here that allow you to play for a competition or for a training session to understand how the game works. When a person fails academically, this aspect is discussed among other team players and staff members. It is what helps to make competitions fair and showcase what you can do as you play in a team. When you become an eSports athlete, you follow the guidelines and join the games when the specific hours have already been set. It means you must prepare for a competition and discuss your strategies before the games start. It helps to keep yourself disciplined, resolve conflicts, and give each other a positive example.