If the question is how famous Esports is, the answer would be 85% of Americans have played esport games at least once. And 65% play a minimum of once in a year. Esports have always been one of the excellent options for the people who love to play tournament games. Esports already had plenty of opportunities for players. Still, with the emergence of the internet and online games, players now can now focus on teams, when not invading the ground themselves. Another intriguing thing is, esports or video game competitions are now getting more and more famous as well.

While talking about esports, the name that requires special attention is League of Legends, or commonly known as LOL. This team-oriented game requires players who are skillful in playing as well as can play with a team. Besides, the league can provide you a few most rewarding gaming experience. By visiting the sports betting sites, you can avail yourself of quite an interactive gaming experience.

What is LOL?

League of Legends (LOL) is a free playing multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). RIOT Games have published, supported, and developed this game.

League of Legends has multiple modes to offer including ARAM (all random all mid) and temporary maps that encompass numerous different events, and a 3v3 player mode naming Twisted Treeline. However, for conducting professional tournaments, the 5v5 mode or Summoner’s Rift mainly gets used.

From more than 130 different champions, the league chooses 10 players and distributes them in two different teams. Their mission is simple; they need to demolish enemy nexus and kill minions as well as other players of the team. By doing it, they earn gold. With this gold, they purchase items for boosting different stats.

Every champion has different abilities, and the skills get measured with different stats. Due to these special abilities, champions get divided into different roles that have specific strengths and weaknesses.

Different Types of Game Modes in LOL

Do you think the process of playing eSports is a bit complicated? Well, the fact is, it is straightforward, as it has many similarities with conventional sports. You can play League of Legends in a two main ways which are given below:

  • Single Match: Here, players battle each other to determine the outcome of single match events.
  • Tournament: With this gaming mode, you take part in various sizes of tournaments. Who will be the tournament champion and which teams will reach the finale?

The Bottom Line

League of Legends can be one lucrative esports option if you know about the different kinds of games available. However, along with that, prior knowledge of teams is also essential for effective gaming. Before all these, find one reliable and convenient Esports league that offers the best prizes and events. You can either focus on different esports or entirely on just LOL. If you are looking for one esport for quite some time, you can make your quest shorter by visiting the official website of OLBG.


  1. League of Legends has been dominating competitive gaming for a pretty long time now, so it’s no surprise that it comes up in esports given the nature of the game. However, over the past few years, I feel like the Battle Royale genre has overtaken the MOBA genre, not just in popularity, but in the esports scene.

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