Massively Multiplayer Online games lead popularity charts worldwide, and Australia is no exception. They attract players with big virtual worlds and the ability to pick different characters. Moreover, they unite people based on their interests, letting players communicate, interact with each other, and share experiences. According to statistics, MMO was among Australia’s top ten popular game genres in 2023, uniting about 22% of respondents. 

At the same time, not all games have local servers in Australia, which can affect the overall gaming experience with high ping. The fact is that local servers are all about convenience. Just like Aussie online games that let players use PayID to pay to play (there is a top list of such online games on the website, local servers let you play with better performance, higher gameplay stability, low ping, etc., offering more convenient gameplay. 

World of Warcraft

This game has been leading the MMORPG industry for more than 20 years. Blizzard Entertainment has already released 9 expansions, which quickly became iconic and won the loyalty of an incredible audience of about 130 million players. In this game, you must create your own character and explore the corners of the large open world of Azeroth. 

The game offers numerous quests, opportunities to join clans, interact with other players, exchange items, and much more. Australian WoW fans definitely appreciate low ping (about 28) and an option to queue the spells. It prevents unfair skill usage and getting unjust advantage.


This famous game was created by Hunted Cow Studios and launched in 2014. It will appeal to connoisseurs of sophisticated and well-thought-out plots. You can join an audience of thousands of Eldevin’s fans for free directly from your browser. During the gameplay, you explore the mysterious lands of the distant kingdom of Eldevin. 

The game has 160+ spheres, each with unique creatures and characters you must interact with. Сomplete dozens of quests, learn the mystical secrets of the open plains, descend into creepy dungeons to fight with a bunch of enemies, make friends, and much more. As in the case of WoW, you can join factions and communicate with players worldwide. Eldevin is probably one of the best games for Aussies after WoW. 

Along with the low ping, this game doesn’t take you into a mixed world to boost the player base. Eldevin is perfect if you do not want intense battles, but experience relatively relaxing gameplay.


RuneScape was released in 2020 by Jagex Ltd. From the beginning, it was exclusively a browser game, but with the development of technology, a dedicated client was created. Currently, RuneScape is the most popular free-to-play game, with 300+ million created accounts. After registration, you appear in a fantasy medieval world of Gielinor. It consists of multiple cities, kingdoms, regions, and so on. 

Each location is unique in its landscapes, monsters, quests and resources. Only you can decide what to do and how to develop your avatar because there is no linear plot here. There is also the possibility of communication between characters and participation in mini-games.

This game has servers in Oceania. That is why it features an average ping of about 30. What’s more, a lot of game data is downloaded to your gaming device, eliminating potential drops in Internet speed. You can choose to play for free or select one of the membership options. Since servers are divided into p2p and f2p, players with membership cannot use their advantages to beat you quickly. 


This is a fantasy game created by gamigo US Inc. in 2013. The action takes place in the fictional universe of Telara, where the main character (you) must protect the land from enemies that came from the elemental Planes. This game is for those looking for intense and dynamic battles waiting for you at every turn. 

Rift offers deep customization of the character where you can choose among numerous features, appearances, skills, etc. The great advantage is that the game is absolutely free to play. Initially, simply select which faction you would like to join (there are two of them). Each faction has three races, which in turn offer dozens of Souls. Do you want to change your specialization after choosing a character? Not a problem as you can do it at any moment of the gameplay. 

Compared to previous games, Rift fans in Australia may experience a slightly higher ping (around 80 on average). At the same time, it has a spell queue system, like World of Warcraft. Thanks to it, players with a lower ping deal the same damage per second as players with a higher one, eliminating an unfair advantage.

Wrapping Up 

MMO is one of the most diverse genres, where you can fully realize your creative ideas and feel free to choose the type of character, its skills, and so on. These games also have a powerful socializing element, as they allow people with similar interests to communicate regardless of their location. 

However, you should choose games with local servers to play with better performance and high-quality gaming support.