Did you know that fascination with gaming is America’s fastest-growing entertainment field? More and more people cheer for their local Dota2 or CS:GO team, while less millennials are interested in football and baseball. No wonder that the worldwide capital of luxurious leisure activities – Las Vegas – took notion of this growing trend.

Note that the best online casino NZ will has already become a place for gamers and so did many other sites. They were the pioneers of this movement. Successful pioneers. And now it’s finally time for the big guns to pitch in.

The arena. Some of you may have already heard about a fantastic announcement, but, just for safe measure, here it goes: Esports rush onward with construction and development of the very first, unique and dedicated arena for esports in Vegas.

It’s not like they’ve just decided to shake the age-old dust off and walk hand in hand in time. Series of preparations and impressive sets of plans were executed in advance. Just think about the following:

  • Thousands of fans are annually drawn to the city of that other Elvis for countless gaming events;
  • There’s even a special commission that was created with sole purpose of exploring esports possibilities founded by Brian Sandoval – the governor of Nevada.

All in all, a series of chained events has led to the construction of a dedicated gaming arena. And for all I know – that’s great news. In fact, great news for every gamer!

You can like the idea of esports in an arena or you may not. The decision is totally up to you. But there can’t be a single player in the world that will stand against this shift in reality. Why? Because of money of course! Just think about all the funds and additional advertising both professional gamers and the entire industry will receive. Developers won’t be desperate to charge you $60 for yet another COD title as their expanses will be covered by the guys with real money.

Triple A games will be released on time and without bugs as it will be as pivotal as ever to engage fresh players into brand new competitive modes. As far as things go, this should be considered to be an actual breakthrough for the entire gaming community, a march towards new success stories of finest quality.

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