There are several ways of enhancing the chances of successfully predicting the outcomes of eSports. If you adhere to the right procedure, you will learn from watching every match.

The best eSports Prediction tips

  1. Understand the game

You must know how the game is played. You can learn this by watching videos on YouTube. But the best way to get a deeper understanding is by playing the game yourself.

Similarly, it is important to know how the game you are watching will be played in the tournament. This entails knowing its format and what is required for a team to win. If you predict without knowing how the game will be played, you will end up predicting wrong.

  1. Assess the players and the teams carefully

Again, research is very important here. Do not choose just because you believe a certain team is awesome. If you decide based on personality and not the skills, you will lose in the end. You must carry out a sound analysis before you choose who will likely win. This entails researching every team and every player.

There are various platforms which allow one to do a detailed analysis of each team and its players. You can look at recordings of the previous tournaments to see how players performed in various situations. You must find out if some players crack when under pressure, if the teams use a conservative approach in some situations, and so forth. To get the correct data to bet on esports, you must see things that the others cannot see and this is achieved only through thorough research.

  1. Gameplay strategies

The way games are played keeps evolving with time. Strategies that were used last year may be outdated this year. This is why it is important to remain up to date with the current game playing strategies.

Knowing the current gameplay strategies is a wonderful way of determining the winners. Casual fans predict without much research and frame their picks as per what they think others are picking. So, if you understand the latest strategies, you will stand out from the rest.

  1. Always focus on the best chances for success

This is a very crucial factor in every sport. The difference between the live betting odds may be small but choosing the best available options can make a great difference. Failing to take best chances for success will ruin your winning percentage.

For the same reason, it is recommended to predict the outcomes of multiple matches. Predicting more than one match offers you bigger a greater chance at success.


These are the eSports prediction tips which, if consistently applied, will enhance your predictions in eSports.


  1. I will rather consecrate on watching Esport matches rather than prediction outcome of them because it makes my experience more enjoyable and exciting. After a while you will start to see a pattern during certain match ups but that just comes to you when you watch more and more matches as time goes on obviously.

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